BetterBone Dog Chew Bone in Small


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Looking for a better alternative to petroleum-based, plastic, chemical-laden pet chew products? If so, look at these dog bones, formulated with safety, sustainability, and enjoyment in mind! Antlers and rawhide are too hard, which is why this option is a much better choice. Made from two all-natural and 100% sustainable ingredients, this BetterBone chew bone promotes dental hygiene through a unique trident-shaped design while being non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and non-splintering.

As with any object, never let your dog chew this unsupervised. Small bits will come off as they chew. It is not intended to be consumed; if swallowed, small bits should pass naturally. Take this away if the dog is chewing off large amounts!

Size- Small: 3.3oz | 5″x4″x1.75″

100% Sustainable & Renewable. PEFC Sustainably forested wood cellulose fiber and renewable sugarcane-based oil. Manufactured in Croatia. Made of 2 simple natural ingredients. Sustainably forested wood flour and renewable sugarcane oil. The wood cellulose is the same found in parmesan cheese & yogurt.


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