Bauble Stockings in Holiday Greetings


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In need of a new holiday tradition? If so, these Bauble Stockings are designed to inspire a new family tradition where the final gift of Christmas, or a clue to it, is found in this stocking. It isn’t about being the most expensive gift, but it is the most thoughtful, and the goal is to make someone feel so loved. Heirloom quality, each stocking is 100% hand-stitched and finished in Haiti for fair trade by single moms who earn the equivalent of a nurse or teacher all while working from home. Starting this tradition in your home genuinely provides a meaningful job in another, how special is that? Additionally, 5% profit of each sale goes to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, a day shelter that provides support t0 homeless children while their moms to go to work.

Size- These are mini stockings 6″ long by 4.25″ wide

Each heirloom quality stocking is hand-stitched needlepoint with cotton threads and oh-so-soft velvet backing. From start to finish, the attention to precise detail makes this a very special gift.


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