Apoterra Skincare Earthenware Soap Dish


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Looking to keep your soap clean while you’re not showering? If so, this ceramic soap dish from Apoterra Skincare is an elegant way to extend the life of your soap. Every dish is hand-formed, cut and grooved, making each completely unique and slightly different in shape and size. With special attention to craft, these soap dishes are made in small batches of only 50 at a time using earthenware & finished with a white glaze. The final result is an artful yet functional soap dish perfectly suited for your bathroom or kitchen sink.

Size- Because each soap dish is made by hand & completely unique, sizes vary. You can expect your dish to range in size between 11 to 14cm in diameter.

Care- We recommend washing your soap dish by hand with warm water & gentle liquid soap. To remove soap residue in the grooves of your dish, soak in warm water for 2 minutes before rinsing or gently wiping away with a cloth or natural sponge.


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