Adored Beast Feline Leaky Gut Protocol


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Our pets are just like us, constantly bombarded with food and environmental stressors as well as excessive vaccinations and/or medications which can wreak havoc on their gut health. Leaky Gut Syndrome can be at the core of many different conditions, including skin disease, a compromised immune system, food allergies, digestive problems, ear infections, or any common health condition that comes from an inflammatory disorder which is why we love suggesting this Adored Beast protocol as it has a little bit of everything you need to naturally soothe their gut!

To Use- Use the included Anti-Vaccinosis 2-days before starting the protocol. Once completed, start steps 1-4 at the same time. The products in steps 1-2-3-4 (Liver Tonic, Healthy Gut, Feline Gut Soothe & Gut Seal) can be given in food together at the same time, as directed.

Protocol Includes 5 Products-

  • Anti-Vaccinosis (Initial 2 Day Regime) |  30 ml liquid
  • Liver Tonic (Support/Detoxifier) | 60 ml liquid
  • Healthy Gut (Digestive Enzyme/Pre &Probiotic) | 41 g powder
  • Feline Gut Soothe (Anti-inflammatory) | 46 g powder
  • Gut Seal (Strengthener) | 30 ml liquid


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