Psychic Readings with Hudson, Parker & Hamilton

Oh my goodness. I just got off of the phone with an animal communicator and pet psychic less than an hour ago and it went so amazing that I just had to run to the blog here and type it all up for you all to read! Like most people, I was a bit unsure on what the call would unveil but let me tell you, our reading today from Animal Communications With Sally was beyond what I could have ever hoped for and yes, she can communicate with your pet both living or passed!

Like most pet owners, I had a ton of questions for my dogs. First and foremost, I was dying to know more about Hamilton, our rescue from China. What was his life before us? Was he abused? How did he end up on the streets? Because I wanted to know she was really connecting with Hamilton, I did not tell her anything about him other than his name and that we have had him 6 months. I also had questions for Hudson and Parker like Parker, why do you wake me up every morning with a size 13 Nike to my face? Hudson, why do you jump into the pool whenever someone else gets the ball beside you!? As you can see, I am a clingy pet mom and needed some answers.

I had always heard about pet psychics but wanted to only go to one someone else could refer me to. The owner of Kypris, Chase, sent me Sally and had rave reviews about her so we booked a session! To better understand how it all worked, I will share the entire experience with you all below!

How It Works & Pricing-

  • 30 min phone consult for $65.00
  • 1-hour phone consult for $110.00
  • In person LA consults for $150.00

We booked a one-hour phone consult for today at 9AM! She asked us for a photo of each dog and then called us at 9AM sharp! Once on the call she asked us if we had any questions for them and so we shared a few questions we had. I did not want to over share because like I mentioned, I did want to hear their thoughts without me sharing mine first. Below are the questions we told her before she contacted each pet, you can ask however many you want and she can even help communicate with your pets to deliver messages from you! Once you ask the questions, she then placed us on hold to “contact” our pets. She then returns after 5-10 minutes with answers!

We did not provide ANY info on anything other than our dog’s photos, ages, names and the below questions.

Exact Questions Asked-

  • Hudson- Do you like Hamilton?
  • Hudson- What type of exercise is your favorite?
  • Hudson- Why do you jump into the pool randomly?
  • Parker- Why do you nurse your blanket?
  • Parker- Why do you wake us up with a shoe every morning at 7:30AM?
  • Parker- Why do you not like to go on car rides sometimes?
  • Hamilton- What was your life like before us?
  • Hamilton- Why are you afraid of certain objects?
  • Hamitlon- What makes you happy?

Conversations with Hudson-

Oh, Hudson. When she first started describing Hudson, I knew she was legit. She started to tell me how fun, brilliant and exciting Hudson is and how much he LOVES to play games that require him to think. She said that Hudson gets bored very easily and that he does not need much running but more so games or drills that require him to think, he loves to be busy and when he’s not thinking, he is very bored. This could not be more Hudson. Hudson will make it very clear to us when he is bored to tears and the second I move around the house, he asks me with his body language if it’s time to play yet!

Whenever we are playing with the other dogs outside and they get the ball, without fail, Hudson jumps into the pool and throws a mini tantrum. Hudson admitted that he likes to jump into the pool and cause a scene when other dogs are stealing his attention. He knows that if he jumps in and is wet that it causes a ruckus and that we will then pay attention to him.

When it comes to Hamilton, Hudson told her that he does like him but that when he first came it was very hard for him and everyone else due to Hamilton’s trust issues. He feels bad for Hamilton and is trying to teach him what is ok and not ok to do as a dog. He says that Hamilton can be annoying at times but that he means well and that he feels it is his job to help him learn because he is the oldest. Hudson said that when he snaps at Hamilton not to worry as that is just him teaching Hamilton what isn’t ok. This was crazy because Hudson does this and this is what caused us to be so scared in the start, Hudson would snarl at Hamilton and all along, he was simply trying to teach him how to behave. Parker has never once snapped at Hamilton so the fact that she knew it was Hudson and had a reason for why, was so crazy!

She also mentioned to keep an eye on Hudson’s thyroid which is again crazy because he is the only dog that actually has thyroid issues we’re working on often. Overall, her conversation with Hudson was 100% accurate with all of the above being his exact personality and things we already had known of or assumed.

Conversations With Parker-

Parker was a much calmer energy according to Sally which was dead on. Parker let Sally know that Hudson and Hamilton are sometimes a lot for him and stress him out with their energy levels. Not in a bad way, more so that he is not as into play as much as they are always. He loves to nurse his blanket as a way to self-soothe when he is feeling anxious. Sometimes he is feeling anxious and does not want to go in the car because it can make him car sick so if he is already overwhelmed or anxious, he knows the car will just make it worse and does not want to go. Both of these make perfect sense because Parker will run and nurse whenever things get hectic here. He also avoids the car sometimes so the above made perfect sense as well.

Every morning, Parker likes to wake us up with a shoe because he knows that it will get our attention to wake up, he is super excited to start the day and loves to get everybody moving! Overall, her conversation with Parker was 100% accurate with all of the above being his exact personality and things we already had known of or assumed.

Conversations With Hamilton-

Ah now for the good part, Hamilton! Hamilton told Sally before us, he was always being chased away, hit with brooms and unwanted and he did not know why. Most days he would just try to get water or food and he would be punished for it so he is very confused about what is right and what is wrong. Being outside when he is alone scares him because he does not know how long he will be left outside or when we will come back for him. This is very accurate as every time I go to take Hamilton potty alone, he curls up in a ball and refuses to go. When I asked Sally how Hamilton got onto the streets, she said that he had a really nice, upper-class home in China but was pushed out of the house by the home’s staff. When he was trying to find his way back inside, he ended up outside of the house and got lost. Once he was lost, he went from a really nice area to a bad area very fast and ended up as a stray dog that was often abused and shooed away by locals.

He told Sally that no one ever seemed to care about him or love him besides some kids that would play with him sometimes. The kids were not always there so perhaps they went to school each day. In his previous life, he was also not exercised properly and that also got him in trouble in his old home. If he wanted to play, he was ignored or punished so there is a lot of confusion going on with him. Hamilton does not know what he’s meant to do but really wants to make us happy. Hudson is helping him learn how to be a dog. Sally thought more training for Hamilton would be ideal as he really wants to please us and that deep down he is a very loving and loyal dog who has only known punishment his whole life.

Hamilton knows that when he guards his toys and food that it is mean and he does not want to be mean but that is all he has known so he is not sure what he is supposed to do but he would like to learn. Overall, she said that Hamilton is very happy with us as his new home and just wants to make us happy. The above was 100% spot on as Hamilton seems very untrusting, conflicted, unsure, scared of outside and was rescued off of the streets of China.


I could not have been more surprised and happy with the outcome of today’s call and it’s safe to say I am now a TRUE believer in spirits being able to communicate with them! I asked her how to continue talking to them and she said that they can understand many things I say and that even just setting my intentions is something they can feel and pick up on. Another reminder that the things around us DO feel our energy, pets included! I can honestly say this was for sure the best $110 bucks I have spent on my pets and plan to do many more readings in the near future as a way to strengthen our bond and to communicate back things I want to say to them. I hope you guys loved this story and one day are able to do a reading of your own!

Book a Reading-

To book your own reading you can do that on her website here! Be sure to tell her Bunny’s Buddies sent you and please share your success stories with us in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “Psychic Readings with Hudson, Parker & Hamilton

  1. I am ready to sob. My heart is so happy, yet so sad, especially for Hamilton. It is beyond clear your dogs LOVE you and Kyle. I am thankful for people who rescue animals and care for them, as they are our children. I recently lost my best friend of over 18 years. I miss her cuddles and meows. Thank you for the information regarding Sally and her gifts.

  2. I love this!!! My husband has agreed to do this for our Christmas exchange. We have 2 dogs and a cat and we have found, rescued and found loving homes for all of them so I am so curious to know how my permanent fur babies feel about Mama always bringing in a stray without hesitation.
    Awesome read. Love your heart!

  3. OMG I really love this reading. I didn’t even know there was psychics for pets. That is so cool. You have the cutest family of dogs. I love watching their shenanigans in the house and outside. I love the way you talk to them. Can I tell you I talk to same way to our Ziggy. Must be a woman thing. I would have to agree with you and say that was the best 110 dollars spent.

  4. Sweetest story of all your pups! I hope my baby (his name is Kitty) is just as happy with us 💕😍

  5. Sooo interested in the reading pls let me know how to schedule one

  6. Wait, so are you saying the psychic mentioned China as Hamilton’s country of origin without you having said anything about where he came from? That’s what it sounds like, but I had to ask to be sure! 🙂

  7. I’m just now seeing this and less than a year later her prices have taken a pretty decent jump since you posted this blog. I would’ve loved to have done the 1 hr for $110 but now I’m going to have to reconsider. Arrgh! We’ve had our rescue for a little over a month now and I would’ve loved to have asked Sally questions about her. :\

    1. Awe yes as she became busier she made this more of a commitment and business, however, it is so worth it for those that want to actually connect with their animals! <3

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