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November 27, 2019

Organic Bunny Gift Guide

The holidays are here and per usual, we all want to get our loved ones the PERFECT gifts! Because it can be pretty tricky to figure out who will love what, I wanted to have one giant list people could use even after the holidays, to do a little shopping. Instead of choosing random gifts anyone would love, I also wanted this to be a bit more specific so I will break this list down into categories. They will mostly be by age but I will add in any additional details per section, I sure hope this list helps! Remember, all of these items are either Organic or Non-Toxic, synthetic scent-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free & more, and I did not include makeup really as color matching can be too hard for gifting.

Organic Bunny Gift Guide

Best Sellers-

Straight from the bunnies themselves, check out the MOST wanted items in the Organic Bunny store now! These are all of the items the girls are loving the most and/or, hoping to get from Santa this year.

For Kids-

For Teens-

For the Preggo-

For Undereye Care-

For Self Care-

For The Eco-Friendly-

Looking for gifts that use less waste or are made from sustainable supplies? Be sure to check out my Eco-Friendly section here for endless gift ideas!

For Him-

For Vegans-

Need to get the vegan or plant-based bunny in your life a gift? Check out my entire Vegan section here for over 1,000 different gift options!

For Pets-

Random Stocking Stuffers-

And that’s a wrap! I did not want to put every single item I carry because honestly, I think everything I carry is awesome, however, these were some of my top faves for items I think someone would love. Hopefully, this helped you out!? Did I forget a fave? Leave a comment and let me know! XO

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