Organic Bunny Gift Guide

The holidays are here and per usual, we all want to get our loved ones the PERFECT gifts! Because it can be pretty tricky to figure out who will love what, I wanted to have one giant list people could use even after the holidays, to do a little shopping. Instead of choosing random gifts anyone would love, I also wanted this to be a bit more specific so I will break this list down into categories. They will mostly be by age but I will add in any additional details per section, I sure hope this list helps! Remember, all of these items are either Organic or Non-Toxic, synthetic scent-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free & more, and I did not include makeup really as color matching can be too hard for gifting.

Organic Bunny Gift Guide

Best Sellers-

Straight from the bunnies themselves, check out the MOST wanted items in the Organic Bunny store now! These are all of the items the girls are loving the most and/or, hoping to get from Santa this year.

  • LIP GLOSS- We love the Nu Evolution and Lily Lolo Lipglosses! Not only are they super nourishing, but they are also very pigmented! You really can not go wrong with grabbing any one of these glosses! You can find them all here!
  • MINI MASK SET- Let’s face it, Kypris is pricey so what better way to try out some of their best selling, top-performing masks than with this cute kit! This Mini Mask Kit is perfect for travel and gifting as it includes mini versions of all 3 of their masks, truly an amazing gift idea anyone will love.
  • MASCARA- For those that love BIG and BOLD lashes, get them this Big Lash mascara! It’s super clean and high performance!
  • FACE MASK- I LOVE Shiva Rose’s Honey & Nectar Mask for smooth, bright skin! This mask draws out toxins yet nourishes and fortifies the skin with vitamins. The raw honey is full of balancing enzymes, while the mineral-rich white clay will cleanse and detoxify the pores. Calendula blossom oil along with the rosehip seed oils will restore your skin and create a youthful glow and deeply moisturize while pure vitamin C will help reduce blemishes, dark spots, and will stimulate collagen production, all while smelling sooo yummy!
  • FOREO CLEANSING DEVICE- The best face massage and cleanse, all in one, this Foreo Device is one gift the bunnies are eager for! I am obsessed with this for getting a deep clean, exfoliating and stimulating the lymphatic system to create a less puffy face. Not sure which is best? They come in a variety of different models depending on skin type.
  • CLEAN CANDLES- Because everyone loves candles, check out my faves here as they are all non-toxic and free of synthetic scents which makes them the perfect gift item for the green beauty in your life.
  • ALEAVIA BODY WASH- This is one of those products that every family just *needs*. Besides coming in a ton of naturally amazing scents, Aleavia works hard to balance your body’s good bacteria which is something the whole family can use and enjoy. This is my best selling body wash you will want to try!
  • PRIM BOTANICALS MADEMOISELLE SWELL DEODORANT- Grab one before they’re gone, that’s how good this stuff is! It has a very girl, floral scent to it but even better- this stuff works! This is my best selling, holy grail, cannot live without deodorant, click here to grab one before they are gone.

For Kids-

  • LIP BALM- When I was little, I loved collecting chapsticks, however, now that I am older and know better, I know the lip balms I was using were full of petroleum-derived waxes, dyes, fragrances & more! If you want to pick up a chapstick they will still love but that you know is actually great for their skin, all of my favorite lip balms can be seen here! There are some that are a little nicer for older kids and some that are more budget-friendly for popping in their stockings. My personal fave is by Poppy & Pout and they even have cute lip scrubs too!
  • HAIR BRUSHES- Handmade in Italy and available in fun colors, the Tek mini brushes are such a cute way to encourage they take care of their hair, all without toxic paints, plastics or finishing chemicals!
  • STOCKING STUFFERS- From body washes and hairbrushes to kid-approved mouthwashes and toothpaste, for all of the Organic Bunny approved items for kid’s stockings, click here.

For Teens-

  • SKINCARE FOR ALL- Wanting to get your teens into cleaner skincare? One of my favorite brands for you to check out for them would be Aleavia!
  • SKINCARE FOR ACNE- For those teens that may be suffering from acne or skin irritations, we love Aleavia! They make two kits the Acne Repair Kit and the Skin Restoration Kit, great for both repairing and restoring irritated skin. I also love their body washes for teens, and the whole family, for balancing good bacteria and removing the bad! It also doubles as a shampoo so it’s a winner for teens who just want something easy.
  • MAKEUP OPTIONS- Looking for some beginning makeup options for teens getting more into cosmetics? My top picks can be found here! Another cute option is building them their own eyeshadow palette! Zuzu makes it super easy to create your own unique gift!
  • SMELLY TEENS- Does your teen have BO? If so, I highly suggest the Rustic Maka Deodorant! There are tons of amazing scents to choose from also!
  • LIP & CHEEK TINTS- Lip and cheek tints are a cute, clean and affordable way to allow your kids to play with cosmetics! Want a nicer option for someone a bit older? Be sure to check out all of my faves here.

For the Preggo-

  • BODY CARE- I have a ton of amazing items made just for pregnant women you can check out here! From belly oils to fragrance-free, body lotion, this category is full of my top picks for moms-to-be!

For Undereye Care-

  • DARK CIRCLES- Need a concealer that anyone can use to tackle dark circles or bruising? Check out all of our Color Correctors here!
  • EYE CREAMS- I carry a ton of clean yet effective eye creams that anyone would love as a gift and in all budgets! For younger people, I love the Earth Harbor Aqua Aura Eye Creme and for those that want MAX performance, my personal fave at the moment is the Agent Nateur one but take a peek at the others here as they are all my top picks, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

For Self Care-

  • AGENT NATEUR- Perhaps my favorite way to take a bath right now is thanks to this Holi Bath by Agent Nateur. Made with Organic Coconut Milk and soothing Calendula, this bath soak is one everyone needs, especially those too busy to care for themselves! This bath demands use after one sniff!
  • BATH BOMBS- Nothing beats a bath bomb on a chilly night except for when you can find clean ones free of all perfumes but that still work amazing! These bath bombs are infused with CBD and gemstones making them a top pick for anyone in need of some TLC!

For The Eco-Friendly-

Looking for gifts that use less waste or are made from sustainable supplies? Be sure to check out my Eco-Friendly section here for endless gift ideas!

For Him-

  • LIP BALM- Hear me out on this as this is really one of Kyle’s favorite products and yes, it’s a lip balm lol… Perfect for anyone with dry lips, this Lip Balm is the perfect treat for his lips while he sleeps! Tell him it is a treatment mask and watch him change his mind 😉
  • DEODORANT- Still trying to eliminate your man’s BO? If so, we love the Rustic Maka Deodorant!

For Vegans-

Need to get the vegan or plant-based bunny in your life a gift? Check out my entire Vegan section here for over 1,000 different gift options!

For Pets-

  • GIFT BOX FOR DOGS- For the most spoiled pup, grab them their very own Organic Bunny Box for Dogs! This gift box comes packed in a glam Bunny’s Buddies gift box, with my top pet items every pup should have.
  • ITCHY SKIN- If your dog has hot spots, rashes, inflammation or even bald patches, this Topical Spray will be a lifesaver!
  • PET BANDANAS- Show off your pet’s festive spirit and pride for rescue this holiday season with these super adorable holiday pet bandanas that support Bunny’s Buddies! Not only do these bandanas help our rescue missions, but they are made in Bali which means you are supporting small, local artisans that also raise funds for local dogs in need!
  • SHAMPOO- The best shampoo on the market is one every pet owner should have! Free of all perfumes, dyes and harsh preservatives, this Prebiotic Shampoo is perfect for keeping your pet’s skin and coat looking it’s best. This is the ONLY shampoo I will use on my dogs as most other natural options still contain fragrance, sulfates, and harsh preservatives.
  • DOG SWEATERS- Keep your pet cozy and warm during this chilly season with these super cute dog sweaters and jackets! Check them out here!
  • TREATS & ETC- For all of my faves off Amazon, I have an Amazon list here. This has my favorite treats, supplements, indestructible West Paw toys and more!
  • CATS- Got a kitty? Don’t worry, I have ideas for them too! From Organic Cat Nip toys to cute bow ties, check out my kitty gift ideas here.
  • PET COLLARS- Looking to upgrade your pet’s collar or add a little oomph to their current one? From cute dog tags to festive bow ties, we have tons of options to choose from here!
  • ORGANIC PET BEDS- Nothing says I love you more than a nice and cozy new Organic pet bed free of toxic flame retardants and cheap materials. Read all about why I love ours here.
  • TOYS- Because your pets deserve ONLY the best toys, I love giving my dogs these cute P.L.A.Y. toys as they are made with non-toxic dyes and from recycled water bottles! Check out their holiday designs too, I mean the hot cocoa and gingerbread man? Can’t. These are pretty durable but at the end of the day, they are still plush toys. If your dog shreds and destroys plush toys, eventually they will destroy this one but not before you snap a cute pic!

Random Stocking Stuffers-

  • TEK HAIRBRUSHES- I love unique items that look like thought was put into them so why not gift someone a handmade, wooden hairbrush? These are so well made, free of plastics and toxic paints and in a variety of fun sizes and colors, something for everyone. Check them out here.
  • HAND CREAMS- Both cute and functional, hand creams are the perfect stocking stuffer! I just got in more luxurious Henne hand creams that are always a hit for any age. View them here.
  • JEWELRY- I carry a few different ethically made jewelry lines that would make for the perfect stocking stuffer or gift! From gemstone necklaces to earrings that benefit human trafficking victims, check out my favorite jewelry brands here.
  • MINIS- Because everything is cuter when it’s small, be sure to check out over 100 different mini versions of my faves, perfect for stockings, here!
  • KONJAC SPONGES- So, so cute and so helpful for showing kids that skincare can be fun, check out the konjac sponges here.
  • DEODORANT- The perfect size, pop in a clean and effective deodorant in everyone’s stocking! The Rustic Maka brand is by far my best selling deodorant and with options the whole family can use and love!
  • BAMBOO HAIRWRAP- The softest hair towel ever, great for kids too! This Spa Prive Hair Wrap keep your ends intact, curls smooth, frizz away and reduce dry time. This is a gift everyone will love!
  • NAIL POLISHES- Most non-toxic nail polishes still contain Benzophenone-1 but these don’t which is why the only one I will personally use is Huella! These polishes are super chic and affordable too! Check out all of the stunning shades here!

And that’s a wrap! I did not want to put every single item I carry because honestly, I think everything I carry is awesome, however, these were some of my top faves for items I think someone would love. Hopefully, this helped you out!? Did I forget a fave? Leave a comment and let me know! XO

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