NYE 2019 Glam

Can you believe it? A brand new year is rapidly approaching and if you’re anything like me, you’re still trying to figure out how you are going to celebrate! To be honest, I will probably sit home with Kyle and the dogs as that sounds like the most fun but for those heading out, I wanted to create a few different looks for some major NYE glam inspo for you all! As always, all of the items featured in these three looks were used from my Organic Bunny online store which makes prepping for the new year a breeze. Not sure where to start when it comes to cleaning up your routine or picking out the perfect shades for you? Shoot us an email any time and our estheticians will walk you through the process A-Z! 👉🏻 info@theorganicbunny.com

To prep for NYE, I grabbed to of my faves and used all clean beauty items to create three stunning looks. I wanted to create three styles of looks to choose from. Ashley, my blonde bestie featured a more bold lip as her statement, I went for a more bold and dramatic smokey and Jessie, the other brunette here went for a classic red lip glam. No matter your tone, all three looks will look great on you, all you have to do is pick your mood! Here are the breakdowns of these looks, starting with Jessie!

Jessie’s Classic Red Lip Glam-

Concealer- Fitglow C3
Foundation- Crunchi 4 Tan
Eye Shadow Lid- Zuzu Divine
Eye Shadow Under Brow- Zuzu Hourglass
Mascara-  Lily Lolo Big Lash
Lip Liner- Gabriel Red

Ashley’s Bold Statement Lip-

Concealer- Fitglow C3
Foundation- Crunchi in Medium
Blush- Antonym Lily
Eye Shadow Lid- Zuzu Vamp
Eye Shadow Crease- Crunchi Faux Suede
Eye Shadow Under Brow- Zuzu Hourglass
Mascara-  Lily Lolo Big Lash
Highlighter- Han Champagne
Setting Spray- Fitglow Sea Toning Mist

Amanda’s Smokey Eye-

Moisturizer- Osmia Purely Simple
Concealer- Fitglow in C3
Foundation- Crunchi 2.5 Natural applied with Crunchi Brush
Black Shadow Lid-Nu Evolution in Onyx
Navy Shadow Crease- Zuzu Luxe in Sapphire
Shadow Under Brow- Elate in Union
Mascara-  Lily Lolo Big Lash
Highlighter- Elate in Dew
Sunless Tan- Chocolate Sun #3

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  1. Where is that stunning navy blue dress from ?

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