NATIVO Skincare Review

Because it’s hard for me to find products that my boyfriend and I can actually use, and enjoy together, key word being enjoy, I figured I would share this NATIVO Skincare line with you all, in case you’re looking for a line the man in your life can use as well! I first discovered this line while shopping at Urban Outfitters, and after trying out the Beard Oil and having my boyfriend enjoy it, I figured I would have him try out the other items as well!

NATIVO is a Panama-based all Natural and Organic line, made for both men and women to enjoy, featuring shave creams, aftershaves, body scrubs, body oils & more! I really love this line because it’s almost as if you made it yourself right at home, all of the ingredients are very simple and clean, yet still very effective when used. To give you a little more info on the brand, here are some of the favorite items we tried!

Beard Oil-

For any man who is trying to keep his beard full, soft and shiny, this Beard Oil is a must have item! Made with Certified Organic Sesame Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil & more, condition and protect his beard with this all natural beard oil! I call this the shine serum for beards, ladies you know what I mean ッ

After Shave-

Want to keep shaving irritations to a minimum? Simply dab this After Shave on after shaving to keep razor burn to a minimum! Made with soothing Organic Aloe, Witch Hazel, Yarrow, Coconut Oil & more, this product really is great for calming the skin after a shave. This also has a nice masculine scent so no foo foo girly smells here!

Body Oil-

Keep skin supple, nourished and moisturized with this beautiful blend of Organic oils! After a hot shower, dry off and immediately apply this Body Oil to your clean skin. This can also be used as a bath oil, simply add this to your bath water and let your skin soak up all these nourishing oils! Some favorite included oils? Avocado, Olive, Sesame, Castor & Almond, scented with fresh, Wild-Harvested Rosemary Extract!

NATIVO Skincare Review

Clay Scrub-

Exfoliate, cleanse and detoxify your skin with this all-natural clay mask scrub by NATIVO! This mask is a super pretty pink color thanks to the Organic Hibiscus flowers and Cranberries, while the Apricot, Oats, and Bentonite Clay gently exfoliate and clean off dead skin! This is a very mild exfoliant, perfect for anyone with sensitive skin!

As you can see, this line is very clean, made with no bad guys, and with masculine scents to give the men in your life a break from all out girly products! My boyfriend really did enjoy the simplicity of this line and definitely will continue to use the beard oil and other products as needed!

I do not have a coupon code for this line, sorrrrrry, however, you can shop the line from Urban Outfitters here! Perhaps the perfect stocking stuffers for the gentlemen in your life!? ☺

3 thoughts on “NATIVO Skincare Review

  1. Thanks Amanda for sharing about this great Panamenian product! I love the Nativo line – organic and clean. Here in Panamá they offer different products and I just love it. My husband also use the aftershave. Totally recommend it! 🙂

  2. Hi! Any other men products?? Would love to clean up my husbands routine

    1. We just got in the Josh line, check under brands!!

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