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I don’t know about you but my skin is already feeling the change in seasons and I can not seem to get enough moisture and hydration into my skin from head to toe. My body feels dry, my hands are chapped and my nose looks like a lizard but, the good news is, I do have some favorite products that truly have been providing me relief and results so I wanted to share my holy-grail Winter products!

  1. Best Products for Dry Skin- Right now, I am obsessed with the Earth Harbor Aloha Love Cleanser for Winter as it’s truly so nourishing on so many levels. As soon as I get out of the shower, I mist my face down with their hydrating toner. Your skin will be so happy! Also, don’t forget the eye cream! My current go-to is the Agent Eye Serum as it smells amazing and leaves my undereye so soothed. The key to preventing fine lines under the eye is consistently keeping it moisturized and this product does the trick.
  2. Non-Drying Facial Cleanser– Every Winter, one of the first things I change is my face wash. During more warm and humid months, I can use a gel cleanser but as cooler, dryer temps creep in, I quickly change over to a cream-based or oil cleanser. Some of my personal favorites are the Agent Nateur, the Sahara Rose, the Shiva Rose, or the Aloha Love Nourishing Cleanser for just $18!
  3. Lip Treatments- Like everything else on my body, my lips are dry and thirsty for some hydration. The lippie products I find myself craving are first and foremost the Fitglow glosses, nothing truly feels better, however, because they are a gloss texture, they are not ideal for bed. For daytime I use the Fitglow Gloss for collagen, plumping, and moisture but then come PM at bedtime, I use the Henne Lip Serum!
  4. Hair Moisture- Does the weather have your hair acting up too? Make sure you are using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner like Under Luna but then, in addition, doing hair treatments at least once a week to keep moisture locked in and frizz away. My favorite hair mask right now is the Jordan Seban Le Masque! It really restores my dry ends all without being as heavy as an oil mask! For those really battling frizz, the Jordan Seban Le Baume is also my holy grail.
  5. Body Moisture- Love body oil but hate feeling greasy? My all-time favorite body oils right now are the Agent Nateur Holi Body Serum, especially since it firms cellulite while moisturizing. I also have been loving the Prim Botanicals CBD Lotion, it smells super yummy like peppermint rose but leaves my skin tingling cool and soothed!
  6. Eczema Patches- For those with super dry skin patches or eczema, I love, love the Cannabliss Body Oil and Salve Set. The oil is amazing on the full body whereas the salve is great for hands, knees, feet & elbows. Not only do both feel good on the skin, they really do heal chapped areas like no other! Another bunny-fave for dry hands and skin is the Babo Miracle Moisturizing Cream. This smooth and creamy face and body lotion helps soothe and protect dry, chafed skin! With Colloidal Oatmeal and Organic Calendula to soothe and smooth irritated skin, this rich cream contains the perfect blend of active botanicals to help protect delicate skin.
  7. Bath Soaks- Usually, the more your skin sits in the water the dryer it can become, however, I have been obsessed with using the Agent Nateur Holi Bath lately as it really leaves my skin so soothed and baby soft! I love doing one of these soaks and then following up with her body oil, your skin will never feel better!
  8. Exfoliation- One step many forget to do to ensure their skin stays hydrated and moisturized all year long is to exfoliate. If we leave a bunch of dead skin sitting on the surface of our face, our precious products can not penetrate or work as we need them to. You must be sure to exfoliate gently your skin and my current favorite ways to do that is with my Foreo Luna 2 device. For a more budget-friendly option, I still also love Konjac Sponges! Both can be used daily to remove that build-up and ensure your skincare is working it’s best!
  9. Body Wash- To ensure you are not drying your skin out, using a non-drying body wash is also key! My favorite is, of course, Aleavia, as it’s so much more than a body wash! Great for balancing out the good and bad bacteria, this body wash never dries my skin out and smells like a dream. My current favorite scent is their new Orchid! This is an item the whole family can use and love.
  10. Body Aches- With the chillier temps sadly comes colds & flus which is why I love keeping a Babo Soothing Chest Rub on deck at all times. Known for its ability to break up congestion especially at night when coughs can be the worst, this balm can be applied to the chest, back, neck or soles of the feet, several times per day for those looking to breathe a little easier, including the kiddos!

And, there you have it! My top 10 list for surviving these chilly temps without compromising your ingredient standards or the desire for performance. Have a Winter fave I forgot? Share yours in the comments below! Not sure what items would be best for you? Email us for your FREE Organic Bunny skincare consultation today!



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  1. Thank you so much for introduction me to Earth Harbor brand. Recently I’ve developed a soy and soy derived ingredients allergy (glycerin, vit e, etc). Its been so hard to find organic and safe products that are soy free.

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