Matcha Ninja Organic Matcha Green Tea

Today I had my very first Matcha Green Tea Latte by Matcha Ninja, and I was left wondering, where has this been my entire life? It’s my new obsession! While I know it’s not healthy to be a caffeine junkie, I am super loving Matcha Green Tea because it comes with so many amazing benefits, besides the sweet boost of energy, of course, and it’s much better for you than coffee.

Benefits of Matcha Green Tea-

  • Increased focus.
  • Long lasting, calm energy without the crash.
  • Reduction in mental & physical stress.
  • Aids in fat burning and weight loss.
  • Blood sugar regulation.
  • Antioxidant levels 6.2 times greater than Goji Berries, 7 times greater than Dark Chocolate, 17 times greater than Wild Blueberries and 60.5 times that of Spinach, crazy!
  • It can be added to just about anything! Juices, smoothies, puddings, oatmeal & more.

Why I Like Matcha Ninja-

  • Matcha Ninja is 100% Raw Organic Matcha Green Tea- this is very important as you want a quality Matcha to ensure you get the maximum benefits.
  • This does not require a whisk because it is ground so finely in production and without the stems.
  • NO Fillers, just raw premium Tencha leaves.
  • Blends amazing in hot and cold beverages.
  • It has a light, non-bitter taste loved by both first-time and seasoned matcha tea drinkers.

How to Drink it?

I prefer my Matcha Green tea in latte form, simply mix with nut milk of your choice, mix and you’re done! What I found works best is adding homemade cashew milk, matcha, and ice to a blender, mixing that up and drinking it blended and icy. You can also sweeten it up if it’s too plain, simply add in a few Organic Dates, Fruit, Maple Syrup or even Honey! Matcha Ninja also has a few cool recipes you can check out here.

Also, if you want my Organic Cashew Milk recipe, click here, it’s soooo delicious in this!

What Does it Taste Like?

Because I drank mine iced and with cashew milk, this tasted creamy and delicious. It does have a bit of a chalky tea/plant taste, but somehow it’s so tasty and refreshing, it’s hard to explain…

Coupon Code-

Overall, this Matcha was really amazing, it gave me a great energy boost and really kept me full for most of the day, which is near impossible. If you would like to try this line out, I now carry it in my online store! {SHOP}


2 thoughts on “Matcha Ninja Organic Matcha Green Tea

  1. Looking for an alternative to store bought green tea and I’ll be honest this appeals to me as I can just add water and go and not spending the time to make at home but also not drinking the store bought with all the nasties. When you drink it alone (not in a smoothie or mixed) did you add a sweetener or citrus to it?

    1. I do not drink it that way just because it’s too bland for me… if i did, I would probably add some OJ good call!

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