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May 4, 2015

Marie Veronique Skin Care Review

I know I post about skin care often, but because it’s one of my all time favorite things, I love trying out new lines as much as possible in order to find the best products for you all. For the last month or so, I have been using Marie Veronique products off and on, so here I am, finally back with a review. I like to start each review by sharing my favorite features of the brand, and from there I will go into more in depth reviews on some of my favorite items.

Why I Love Marie Veronique-

Now that you know a bit more about the brand’s standards, I will now go into a few of my favorite Marie Veronique skin care items!

Gentle Retinol Serum-

Many of you ask for a safer alternative to retinol creams and this would be it! Retinoid treatments are some of the most popular products on the market today, however, most are full of harsh chemicals that harm more than they help. I really love this Retinol Serum because it boosts collagen production, speeds up new cell turnover, and unclogs my pores which helps reduce the risk of blemishes.

I love using this product at night only, applying a thin layer over my Marie Veronique Face Oil. Be sure to wear an SPF every day you are using this as this will make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

Luminous Lighting Serum-

A lot of people ask me to suggest a product that helps with hyperpigmentation and evening out skin tones, so this serum would be a great place to start. The Luminous Lighting Serum was designed to firm and moisturize skin, lighten dark circles and overall even out your skin’s imperfections. The Vitamin C in this reduces hyperpigmentation by inhibiting tyrosinase, the Uva Ursi lightens skin naturally and the Centrophenoxine dissolves age spots by dissolving lipofuscin.

marie veronique skin care reivew

Eye Recovery Serum-

Over time, your skin’s protein fibers lose their strength which is why it’s important to toughen that back up. This serum strengthens and rejuvenates the delicate skin around the eyes, reducing fine lines, prevents sagging, and eliminates pesky dark circles.

To use the Eye Recovery Serum, I apply a very thin layer onto my upper and lower lids both am and pm.

Cleanser de Jour-

If you are a fan of oil based cleaners, this is one awesome product. While I do prefer a foam cleanser, the consistency of this Cleanser de Jour was a nice change from my normal routine.

To use this cleanser, I put a dime-sized amount on my skin and then massage in for a few seconds to remove the makeup and grime. Then add lukewarm water to work up a milky lather and massage for one more minute. Rinse well or remove with damp cloth.

marie veronique skin care review

Where To Shop-

Overall, this is a great toxin free line to check out as they really do have a wide variety of products that go-to-work against the various skin issues we all suffer with from time to time.

To shop click here!

5 thoughts on “Marie Veronique Skin Care Review”

  1. Hi Amanda,

    I really enjoy reading your blog as I have started to switch to natural skincare and makeup. Your posts are always informative and well-written and I have learned a lot! I’m curious to know your disclosure policy. Do you purchase all these products yourself or are they sent to you for free by the brands and asked to write about them? Do you get kickbacks from the links and when people use your promo codes? I’m not calling you out – I just read a lot of beauty blogs and most have some kind of disclosure policy on whether or not they are compensated for the reviews they write. Thanks

    1. Hi Pauline! No worries on the question, I would wonder also! Yes, many companies send me their products to try out, but does that obligate me to post them or even use them? No. Unfortunately, I do not have time to try them all and some products just do not perform to my standards so they never get a mention. Also many brands will have ingredients in them I am not comfy sharing either so I really do keep my standards strict, only posting things I personally would buy again. Hope that makes sense! <3

    2. Oh and for coupon codes, yes and no. I set up coupon codes for every single brand willing to offer one because I know it’s expensive to try new things. Some brands have affiliate programs in which I make a small % of each sale, but for the most part they do not. If I can make a few dollars posting something I would be posting anyway, of course I will do that. You can tell from my feed I never push just one brand and many of my suggestions I make nothing from.

      1. Thanks a lot for clarifying – I appreciate the transparency! I definitely can tell that you’re always honest and passionate in your reviews. (which is why I enjoy reading your posts) Your Shop list has been a great reference and I am grateful for all the testing/”investigating” you do on brands.

        1. Sweet! I can’t stand bloggers who only blog items they profit from, I think it’s wrong. I also think it’s wrong to post crappy products. While there will always be things that work different for others, I try to warn of any possible disappointments, ensuring people are happy with my tips for the most part!

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