MAHALO Red My Lips Campaign

Did you all see that MAHALO Skin Care just came out with their very own red lip tint, that offers a splash of lip plumping abilities and a whole lot of bold color!? Made with Organic & Wild-Harvested ingredients, this is a great alternative to conventional red tints, plus it comes in this cute bamboo case, and with a Vegan lip brush, making it perfect for on the go green girls! This is a true cherry red that applies smooth, drying matte, all while smelling like Hawaiian Jasmine, Vanilla & Rose. A portion of sales also go to supporting rape/sexual assault survivors!

Wondering what it looks like on? Head to the MAHALO page now to see how it looks on the lips! I will try to get a pic of it on me soon here! For more info, or to shop, head to the MAHALO site ????

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