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April 13, 2015

Lalogy Anti-Aging Skin Care Review

Because so many of you ask me to suggest anti-aging skin care lines, this post is for you! Are you looking for organic, natural and fresh anti-aging lotions? If so, keep reading! Like most of the brands I post about, I discovered Lalogy on Instagram and after seeing their line up of awesome anti-aging products, I could not wait to try them out! Finding safe skin care that is designed to actually fight back against signs of aging can be tricky, however, Lalogy solves that problem for us by offering various safer options to combat wrinkles. First of all, let me share with you what initially appealed to me about this line.

Lalogy Skincare is:

Once they passed my initial screening test, now the real test is on, how well would they perform? While I have only been using these for a short time, I do very much enjoy their performance, mostly because of their ability to really hydrate my skin. To give you a better idea of the products I tried, and why I enjoyed each one, I will go through them one by one.

Alert Eye Cream-

Finding a good under eye cream that was good for me, but that still performed well was certainly a challenge, which is why I was super happy to discover this product. The Alert cream is amazing for reducing puffiness, toning and firming, as it’s made with caffeine, botanical extracts, and antioxidants that really breathe life into tired eyes.

lalogy alert cream

This Alert Cream is also amazing at lightening dark under eye circles! Containing Cucumber, Witch Hazel, and Niacinamide, black eyes be gone. Last but not least, the amazing oils in this under eye cream is what actually fights to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Made with Avocado, Arnica and Rosehip Seed oil, this unique blend of fatty acids do their best to diminish those pesky crows feet!

How to Use: This product is amazing for anyone looking to tone up their undereye area, and I believe it would work well on all skin types, especially if being used before bed. The cream itself is very thick and creamy and I love keeping mine in the fridge to apply this every night before bed, and in the morning as well. It feels so refreshing and relaxing, this is really one of my favorite under eye creams to date.

Lullaby Night Cream-

When I am not using facial oils before bed, I love using this Lullaby Night Cream to mix things up. This night cream is packed full of awesome skin super-foods like Rosehip, Tamanu, Pumpkin, Peptide’s, Algae and Alpha Hydroxy Acids. This night cream is designed to tighten and soothe dry skin, with hydrating ingredients like Alow, Rose Geranium Hydrosol and a hint of Allantoin. All of these ingredients together will strive to soften the skin and increase cell proliferation.

The Hangover-

For those looking for a seriously moisturizing cream for dry, fatigued skin, this Hangover Cream is for you. With Horsetail, Calendula and Organic Nettle Extracts, this cream works hard to improve your skin’s circulation and retention of connective tissue. Because this cream also has Peptide’s and Essential Oils, it works hard to diminish wrinkles while stimulating collagen. Like all of Lalogy’s products above, this too has amazing oils like Pomegranate and Seabuckthorn which reduce inflammation and induce collagen repair.

This cream is great for anyone with super dry skin looking to give their skin some overall TLC. I use this cream at nighttime when my skin is feeling extra worn down or during the day when I can get away with no makeup. I really love to just let this cream saturate into my face and neck!

lalogy hangover cream

Sunkissed Daily Moisturizer-

I have been on the serious hunt for the perfect day cream and I think I have finally found it in this Sunkissed Daily Moisturizer by Lalogy. Slow down the signs of aging with this Green Tea extract, Niacinamide & Vitamin E packed cream! This trio alone will improve skin’s elasticity while the Essential Oils like Grapeseed and Meadowfoam deliver the much needed fatty acids.

This cream smells like relaxing lavender and would be great for all skin types as it is neither oily or dry. I keep all of my Lalogy products in the fridge so applying this each day really is one of the best feelings ever. So cool and hydrating, I simply apply it 5-10 minutes before my makeup.

Ingredients in Lalogy-

Here at Organic Bunny, I like to be as honest as possible with my reviews, so I do want to note that Lalogy does have preservatives in its products, however, they spent countless hours perfecting this process to eliminate all harmful preservatives, using a probiotic-based one instead. I also was curious about the Sodium Lactate in some of the items, as this can be a small concern for some. The owner welcomed my questions and replied quickly with the following…

“Sodium lactate, amongst many of the other ingredients we have chosen for this specific formula, helps to retain moisture, which then gives the eye area a healthy and lively look while also diminishing the appearance of those nagging fine lines.

When we first started studying this ingredient we did come across some studies that found it could cause irritation to the skin, but the studies involved copious amounts of sodium lactate which would be uncommon use in our company formulation or any other company for that matter. We feel we have chosen a good percentage where it is effective enough to give positive benefits while staying far away from any amounts that would cause discomfort to anyone.”

Because the risks are not super high with this ingredient, I feel safe using it but will continue to monitor it as I go. Overall, this is a really awesome line that I would highly suggest to anyone looking for rich, hydrating organic and natural creams.

If you want to try out smaller sizes in each product before committing to larger sizes, they offer a cute little travel-sized pack of all of their items here.

lalogy travel set

If you would like to try the Lalogy Skincare line out, you can shop all of their items here, and don’t forget to use code “organicbunny” at checkout to get FREE shipping!

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    1. I think everyone has a different stance on preservatives, sometimes, with stuff like this, I am ok with it… it’s done with utmost caution and care, however, I do prefer my products to be 100% natural and organic, even if they spoil faster. I don’t love the preservatives getting into me as you can imagine 🙂

  1. I discovered your blog a few weeks ago because of a growing interest in organic skincare and love it! Everyone I know doesn’t care what’s in the products they use as long as they perform, but I’m hoping to turn them.

  2. The hangover cream is one of the best I’ve ever used. It took my skin time to get used to it which was strange but no regrets and pushing thru— it’s AMAZING!!!!!

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