Kypris Skin Care Review

For the past year now, I have been experimenting with pretty much every Organic or Non-Toxic skincare line on the market. From trying out smaller, homemade products to lathering up in some of the most luxurious brands, I really do feel like I have tried it all and can finally share my #1 choice for skincare- Kypris. Because Kypris has a variety of items, I figured it was well overdue that I do an entire blog focused not only on what each product does, but why I have decided to make this my #1 choice among hundreds of others! So, without further rambles, check out my official Kypris Skin Care Review below!

Why Kypris Stands Out-

I was fortunate enough to meet the owner of Kypris a few months back while in Arizona. It was my lucky day because not only did I get to meet Chase, I also got to sit in on her product demonstration which thoroughly explained each product and how/why it was made.

If you are lucky enough to meet Chase Polan yourself, the first thing you will notice is that this girl knows her stuff. For years I wanted my own skincare line, and then you meet her, someone who has been formulating her line for over 15 years, and you realize… you really have no business making a line haha. Chase is so smart it’s awesome, she can tell you what every single ingredient is in the line and why it’s so important to use on the skin. Everything she has created has been years and years of trial and error and she is always looking for ways to improve the line, truly making some of the best, cleanest skin care available today.

Anytime I had a question about an ingredient, she was like a human dictionary and could tell me exactly why something was good or bad, as well as some studies that correlated with her findings. Knowing there is a brain behind what I put on my face each day is very important to me. I want to know and trust that someone has poured their heart, mind, and soul into their products and with Kypris– that’s exactly the case.

Many people really do start skincare lines on a whim, and while they may be a safer option, most are not the very best choice for actual long term results. Here are just a few more reasons why I love this line!

  • Kypris uses only Organic, Wild-Crafted, Cruelty-Free, sustainably produced, Vegan ingredients.
  • The entire Kypris line is 100% Natural, made with some of the most nourishing, rare ingredients around, Prickly Pear extract anyone!?
  • The results are real- Use Kypris for about a month or so and you will see for yourself the dramatic difference these clinically proven actives make!
  • All products come in glass packaging to ensure no plastic ever contaminates your skin care.
  • The products can be mixed together for one potent power mix you apply at once, or, they can be layered one by one on their own. Both ways work amazing.
  • All products are made for those with sensitive skin, free of any harsh irritants. For those with severely sensitive skin, she also makes a product free of essential oils which is nice.

Impressed yet!? Now that you have read all about why the line is so amazing, next we’ll talk about the entire product line up, what each one does, what I use and when.

Kypris Skin Care Review

Antioxidant Dew-

The very first product I put on each day is this Kypris Antioxidant Dew. Designed to pack your skin with amazing Vitamins and nutrients, this product is for sure to blame for my happy, healthy, dewy fresh skin. Not only does this serum calm any redness I might have, it really is so soothing, like a breath of fresh air for your skin! Some key benefits to this product?

  • Calms redness or inflammations.
  • Quenches free radicals.
  • Moisturizes and hydrates the skin.
  • Brightens and restores dull skin.
  • Enhances your skin’s natural elasticity, it really tightens things up!

Works Best For- I would suggest everyone uses this product, as the nutrients it provides really are essential for creating healthy skin. Rose Extracts soothe and tone while Reed Extract A is a common soothing herb that delivers a calm, restored complexion. If you have oily skin, this could be all you need for moisture each day, however, you would have to play around with these products to see what your skin responds to best! I have normal to dry skin and this is not enough moisture for me alone.

Clearing Serum-

Suffer from frustrating breakouts? The Clearing Serum is for you! Made to minimize and eliminate blemishes, this product is one I also use each day to keep my hormonal breakouts under control. Made with Zinc, Green Tea, Lavender, and Chaparral, this serum balances oil production while healing any blemishes you may have.

Works Best For- Anyone with fussy, acne prone skin. This can also be used as an aftershave for men or for after waxing, as it really does reduce redness and soothe irritations. I use this once a day, at night, however, it can be used twice a day if needed.

Moonlight Catalyst-

Wonder how to naturally create new, healthier skin? With a natural retinoid of course! Say goodbye to harsh products like RetinA, and hello to this all-natural alternative, the Moonlight Catalyst! Designed to even out the skin’s tone, clear up acne scars, keep pores clean, enhance cellular renewal, refine texture and to overall just create a more plump, radiant complexion, this product is truly amazing.

Works Best For- Anyone looking to exfoliate off old, dead skin, those wanting to reduce the appearance of their pores, those wanting a smoother, more even skin tone or those wanting to clear up old acne scarring. This product can be used at night only, so I find myself using it every other night or so.

Beauty Elixirs-

Kypris makes three different beauty elixirs, however, you only need to pick out one- whichever is best for your skin type. Made with free radical quenching CoQ10, collagen-inspiring Vitamin C, essential fatty acids and natural actives, these earthy blends soften skin, even out complexions, diminish signs of aging, heal dry, chapped skin, boost luminosity and overall, leave you with truly gorgeous, glowing skin. I use this as my daily moisturizer, twice a day, even before applying makeup!

To determine which elixir is best for you, check out the options!

  1. Beauty Elixir I “1,000 Roses” This option is best for those with very dry skin, in need of some serious, nourishing TLC. This is also great for those that have hormonal acne.
  2. Beauty Elixir II “Healing Boquet”– For those with an oilier complexion, this is your best bet! Made with a high concentration of lavender, this blend really helps balance out oily complexions. This is also a great option for those with acne as well.
  3. Beauty Elixir III “Prismatic Array”– Sensitive to essential oils? This option is perfect for those with scent sensitive skin as it is free of any.

My Personal Routine-

I have Normal to Dry skin, with frequent hormonal breakouts, so this is my current routine! For these blends, you can layer the products one by one, or make one mix applying that one time!


4-5 drops of Antioxidant Dew mixed with 2-3 drops of the Beauty Elixir I. I apply this right out of the shower while my pores are open, allowing it to really soak in before I apply my makeup! You can use the Clearing Serum twice a day if you’d like, however, I use it just once at night.


4-5 drops of Antioxidant Dew mixed with 2-3 drops of Clearing Serum, 2-3 drops of Moonlight Catalyst and 2-3 drops of Beauty Elixir I.

Overall, the Kypris line has truly changed my skin, being 32, I really need all of the healthy skin support I can get my hands on so finding this line has really been a skin saver! For anyone looking to try this line out for the first time, Kypris also has really nice sets that save you some money! That way, you can get all of the items in both full and sample sizes, and really experience the entire line’s magical effects.

To view the gift sets, click here. The only difference is in the Beauty Elixir’s, so, just pick out the package that contains the elixir best for you! Looking for even more information on this line? Head to the Kypris site for endless info here.

Kypris Skin Care Review

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20 thoughts on “Kypris Skin Care Review

  1. I have so many products right now, but I tend to use brands together (meaning all May Lindstrom one day, all Mahalo one day, all Mun one day, etc), so it’s nice to see how I can use my Kypris samples together.

    Quick question…how do you get a good routine going when you have so many things to try? Do you try something once and go back to your usual mix, or do you try the new stuff for a week or so? I have my cleansers and masks figured out, but my oils and balms are out of control!

    I’m low maintenance at heart and would love to figure out my favorites and stick to them. I just don’t know the smart way to do it.


    1. You def don’t want to change each day. Your skin needs time to get used to the products and, of course, to see the results. What I do is stick to one brand for a few months, right now I am big on all things Kypris. For testing purposes, I really just test items for smell, texture, quality, ingredients etc… and then share them, I do not really use new lines entirely every day, more so when needed! I think you are using too many products for sure try to stick it out with just one and my vote is for Kypris! It’s really made with the very best stuff for your skin, better than any other brand in my opinion. The quality is just on another level <3

      1. Thank you for the reply. I have samples of the Kypris line (Moonlight, Antioxidant, and Clearing), but I have only tried the Moonlight one time so far. I have pretty reactive combination skin (get redness at the slightest scratch/rub), so I don’t think my face can handle it more than once a week. I have the Mun toner and serum…I’m on the fence about it. I broke out slightly after I started it, but it cleared up, so it could have been hormonal (although it was on my cheek bone). I am currently loving my sample of Vintner’s Daughter Serum.

        I tend to use the oils/serums in the morning and balms (blue cocoon/rare indigo) at night. Use Born foaming in the evening and Tata Harper Rejuvenating Cleanser in the morning, and masks (The Honey Mud/Petal) once a week.

        Sorry for the long post!

        1. I def suggest you try the Kypris fully for 30 days, and only this line. My skin loves it!

          1. I didn’t really care for the antioxidant dew by itself (wasn’t moisturizing enough), but maybe it would work with one of the elixirs.

          2. I could not use that alone, it would not be anywhere near enough for me, definitely try mixing with an elixir!

  2. Hi great review and explanation of the products it was very helpful, however I suffer from hormonal cystic acne and I’m wondering if the clearing serum would actually help? I’m so tired of using benenzoyl peroxide it works but leaves my skin extremely dry and itchy.

    1. Hi Ariel! Yes, this product is really great for combatting acne of all sorts! So is the Moonlight Catalyst as it really encourages new cell growth while exfoliating off the old dead skin!

      1. Which product would be good for Rosacea

  3. Thanks to you (Organic Bunny) & Citrine Beauty. I decided that my first big purchase was Kypris clearing serum and Kypris Antioxidant Dew. I wasn’t sure about what elixir was right for me because I have sensitive skin but with blemishes. My skin has change in the past year from oily, acne prone to dry combo. Trying to get reduce my acne scarring. Thanks for all for information and putting the time in for all of us to know.

  4. Super helpful post! Thank you x

  5. Just wanted to say how happy I am to have come across your blog! (Found you by googling a Kjaer Weis foundation review) – I’ve also recently started switching my beauty and skincare products to organic and love learning about what ingredients I’m putting on my face.
    Love the in depth look into Kypris – wasn’t too sure about the products at first 🙂

  6. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all you do with raising awareness on green beauty products, and also for giving us a discount code on some of the items. I just ordered the Moonlight Catalyst + Antioxidant Dew and I’m so excited to try them out! Btw, can’t even believe you’re 32 because you’re absolutely stunning (and I would have guessed you were around 25) and it shows that you take very good care of your skin.. Love your instagram & blog! xo

    1. Sure thing! Also, you’ll really want an Elixir in there to get the most from it, maybe try a mini if you don’t want to splurge just yet!

  7. Hi,

    Any recommendations for aging skin? I have oily and dry skin. (Oily t-zone area) I’m in my fifties and love reading your blogs. I’m very interested in keeping my skin clean and healthy. I’m really having issues with my eyes. The lines make my eye liner melt and run, and they are real dry. Large pores and yes, wrinkles that seem to keep appearing no matter what I do. I try to eat clean and drink a lot of water, but feel like it’s not enough. Would love to hear of anyone else with aging skin and their thoughts.

    1. Well, I think for 1, aging skin is inevitable obviously haha, but I do think what you’re feeding your skin counts! I would suggest trying a few of the Tata Harper products for aging, and then also using this Kypris daily. It really will feed your skin the nutrients it needs to slow down the aging process and to keep those wrinkles very hydrated! If you do not have blemishes, you could start with the Moonlight Catalyst, Antioxidant Dew & an Elixir for your type, I think oily skin is BEII?

  8. Hey thats for the awesome review, this are so pricey though, do you recommend any other similar oils and serums that are more affordable?

    1. while these oils are pricy, i took the plunge on the sample set (for $70something you get to try everything) and i only need the tiniest amount of each product. i also got to choose two free samples in addition, which i believe is true for every purchase, and shipping is free on most orders. after my purchase, i received an emailed discount code for 15% off my next order, which i’m guessing is something they do for sample sets. i can tell based on the samples (i ended up with two of BEII and two clearing serums thanks to the extra samples) will last me at least two weeks, and that full sized bottles would last several months. so i figure if you buy the sample set plus two samples, use those, get a discount code, buy a mini beauty elixir and the antioxidant dew (and if you choose, the catalyst and/or clearing serum), add another two free samples, you will then be set for about half a year, and the products truly are amazing, so it works out to be a lot less intimidating than the prices look upfront.

  9. Thanks so much for positing this and saving me money in the future!!! I am so relieved!! I have recently switched all my products and The CITRENE store has been my favorite place recently for beauty products. I just got rid of everything and purchased new makeup and the clearing serum and moonlight catalyst and I am not exaggerating I have seen results in my skin blemishes from an allergic reaction in 3 days!!!!! I am so excited as I received samples for every other product the Dew and the Elixers and due to the cost I was hesitant but I am convinced this line is the best truly. Thank you for explaining the products in more detail and what it does. Also thanks for the coupon code I will be purchasing the remaining line and getting rid of every other skin care regime product I own which is all natural and ending my countless spending and stick with a line that works. Saved your blog to my home screen, please keep posting!!!! I find the ladies are so nice at the CITRENE store that they don’t pressure or suggest products unless you express an interest in which I appreciate but I am one of those that wants and needs those recommendations and an overview as you have suggested on you site. Do you happen to know if there is an expiration date on these products? Also are you using a toner? Then is a toner in the line so I was curious as this may appear to be the only thing missing.

  10. Hello!
    Question! I am wondering what serum would be best for me. I already have 1,000 Roses but am debating between Moonlight Catalyst and Antioxidant Dew. My concerns are sun spots and hyperpigmentation from old acne/sun and pore size. The Antioxidant Dew has Tamunu Oil which I heard is GREAT for this, however I hear that the Moonlight Catalyst is best for shedding off dead skin cells and…so I am confused on which would be best for my skin type! Thanks!!!

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