Kypris Clearing Serum Review

For anyone with blemish-prone skin, this Kypris Clearing Serum will be your new best friend! Anytime I have a breakout or feel one coming on, I simply apply this to the irritated area, and almost overnight, watch it clear up. While nothing disappears instantly, this serum definitely helps speed up the process I can surely attest to that.

Made with over 25 natural and active ingredients, this product uses Zinc to balance sebum production while inspiring the skin’s natural protective mechanisms to soothe inflammation. Apple Fruit extract imparts Alpha Hydroxy Acids to minimize the appearance of blemishes, both old and new. A proprietary blend of lavender, niaouli, and tea tree essential oils then minimize the appearance of scars and reinforce skin’s barrier function all while challenging acne-causing bacteria. Lastly, Willow Bark extract delivers its active salicin to smooth, heal and restore imbalanced complexions fast.

To Use: After cleansing, and before moisturizing, apply this Clearing Serum to the affected skin, carefully avoiding your eye area. This can be used both morning and night. Other KYPRIS products may also be applied after this! Some faves? The Beauty Elixir III and the Antioxidant Dew, both work great under make-up and as a hydrating PM routine.

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