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June 1, 2015

Innersense Organic Hair Care Review

If you are in the market for a safer, truly good-for-your-hair, non-toxic, hydrating hair care routine, today’s post has got you covered. When I first started my quest for cleaner beauty, I found myself grabbing just about anything that had the words organic on it, later to learn that even though an item may be organic, it can still contain damaging ingredients. This seemed to be the case with the shampoos I was using, as they ended up being not as great as I had hoped when examined further. While the ingredients were not toxic or carcinogenic, they simply were not the best things to put on my hair, most being just temporary fixes to ensure shiny hair fast.

While many organic shampoos contain “All Natural” ingredients, most of those ingredients are extracted through a chemical process, which changes them from their original and natural composition. When used, these ingredients leave a fine film on the hair, leaving it feeling smooth, silky and clean, which sounds ideal, but it’s not, why not you say?

Well, because we’ve become so accustomed to using conventional shampoos that have synthetic or processed fillers in them, leaving us with that smooth and silky feeling after shampooing, people now think that feeling is what “clean” hair feels like.  It’s actually not clean though because that silky smooth feeling is coming from the remaining film left behind from those ingredients, versus your hair’s actual condition. Clean hair should have texture to it, makes sense right?

Now that I had to toss out yet another batch of what I thought to be clean products, I had to start all over, however, the company Innersense made this easy on me as they offer an entire hair care line designed to bring out the absolute best in your hair. That means no high heat processing, no synthetics, no fillers, no nonsense, just clean, awesome Organic hair care products that actually work wonders on your hair’s long term health.

Before I go into my review of their products, I would like to feature my favorite selling points of the Innersense Line:

Whoa, that was a long list but, as you can see, they have so many great selling points, it makes it easy to support such an ethical company, their awesome products are just an added bonus. Now that you can see how amazing their stance on the beauty industry is, let’s chat about some of my favorite items!

Innersense Color Awakening Shampoo & Conditioner-

I do not wash my hair every day, but when I do, this is the duo I am currently using, and have been using for the past 2 months. This Color Awakening Shampoo is a gentle cleansing shampoo for color treated hair, hand crafted from the Certified Organic and Bio-Dynamic ingredients of coconut and palm oils, pumpkin seed, and shea butter, to provide a luxurious cleansing. The Sunflower Seed extracts, a natural anti-oxidant, protects your color from fading, all while adding a glorious shine.

The Color Radiance Conditioner also revitalizes and nourishes color treated hair by using natural proteins, aromatic oils, and flower essences. This lightweight and build up free formula moisturizes and strengthens the hair while providing even more resilience and shine.

innersense shampoo

How to Use-

To use these products, simply shampoo as you normally would, inhaling the aromatic scents of coconut and palm oils, orange flower oil, pumpkin seed oil, shea butter, and sunflower seed oil. The shampoo really lathers well, despite its clean ingredients and the smell really is very fresh and pleasing. I did find that my hair was a little greasy after a few washes, so on greasier days, I will shampoo twice.

The conditioner hydrates really well so I use this on my ends only to ensure I do not weigh my hair down. I suggest only conditioning on the dry parts of your hair to start.

Sweet Spirit Leave in Conditioner-

This leave in conditioner really is one of my favorite products by Innersense as it really just does its job flawlessly! Whenever I use this item, my hair brushes out easily and is much easier to manage. With magical ingredients like honey, lavender, rooibos, rosemary, and tamanu oil, this Sweet Spirit Leave in conditioner really is the best leave-in conditioner I have found to date.

I Create Volume-

This I Create Lift was designed to add texture, boost volume, define curls, shape and sculpt wet or dry hair, this Aloe Vera and Honey-infused foam is already my new favorite way to add fullness and manageability to my hair each day.

I Create Finish-

Finding a safe, clean hair spray has been tough, but again, Innersense has come to the rescue by creating this I Create Finish product. This hair spray is made with Certified Organic Honey, which acts as a natural resin while Organic Rooibos Tea supplies a much needed anti-oxidant protection. Aloe and Rice Proteins then offer extra moisture and strength and the Certified Organic Lavender will soothe the senses.

This product really does hold up well, but because it’s non-aerosol, I find that it works best on ponytails or first sprayed on hands and then applying to the areas you want to tame. The spray may be a bit too powerful and heavy for a full on squirt into a head of fresh curls unless you spritz from at least 10 inches away and let it gently fall into your hair. I personally prefer spritzing this into my hands first and then applying where it’s needed.

innersense organic hair care review

Harmonic Healing Oil-

This was one of the first products I was able to try from this line, and to this day, still one of my all-time favorites! Not only does this Harmonic Healing Oil work wonders on the ends of dry, damaged hair, but the real magic also happens when this is applied directly to your dry, irritated scalp! I have seen a huge improvement in my scalp’s condition when I use this regularly, so for anyone with any scalp issues, I strongly suggest you give this a try.

Harmonic Healing Oil is made from Certified Organic Safflower and Evening Primrose Oils, combined with the healing properties of sacred Tamanu Oil. This luscious oil is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and antioxidants, with added anti-inflammatory properties that soothe dry or irritated skin just about anywhere.

innersense harmonic healing oil

So, as you can see Innersense has an amazing line up of products and is most definitely a line I feel confident in suggesting you all try out. Their team truly wants the best for everyone and has worked hard to get my hair to a much healthier place. If you have any specific hair questions, my team is happy to help, feel free to head to my website to learn more, and from there, shoot me an email with any and all questions you may have.

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  1. I would love to try any of their amazing organic products. I have colored hair though, so I would need their Color Awakening Shampoo along with their Color Radiance Comditioner to keep my purple color bright. Products w too any artificial ingredients tend to dull my color, or remove it! I would also love to try their Harmonium Healing Oil. I let my curly hair dry naturally & it needs a little extra oil to keep frizz down. Dora

  2. Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! I’ve been looking to switch out my Aveda hairspray so I’d love to try the I Create Finish hairspray. Also would love to try the Color Awakening shampoo/conditioner.

  3. What a great review! I have been looking for a clean product line for my hair – and this looks like a great one. I’d love to try the color awakening shampoo and the leave-in conditioner. I need some products to restore my hairs health! 🙂

  4. I would love to try the shampoo and conditioner, leave in conditioner, and healing oil: ))) thanks so much for the giveaway!

  5. I would love to try everything! This entire line looks great! It is really hard to find a natural brand that works on my hair and this looks really promising. The shampoo and conditioner seem worthy especially since they can be used on color treated hair. Great review!

  6. I have tried the shampoo and conditioner and loved them, would be happy to try all the additional products as well. Healing oil would be fantastic for my curls!

  7. I would love to try the I Create Volume, I’ve been looking for a volumizing product! I’m going to have to go check out their site now 🙂

  8. I just colored my (graying) hair for the first time last month and am trying to navigate the world of “green” color preserving shampoos, which is harder than I thought it would be! So, of course I’d love to try the Innersense Color Awakening Shampoo & Conditioner. How fun and thanks so much!

  9. I love how you included a review for the Healing Oil! My scalp is pretty irritated so I think I’ll give that oil a try. So far, I have the Pure Harmony Shampoo and the Pure Inspiration Conditioner and I’m honestly on the fence about the two at the moment, but I’m leaning more towards liking it!

  10. I would really, really like to try the healing oil, I Create Hold, and I Create Finish!! I have a hard time finding clean hair products that WORK, and these do!

  11. I’d love the try the quiet calm curl control!! I can’t seem to find the right product for my daughters curls! Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway!!

  12. Hello Organic Bunny!
    Thank you for offering this contest! This is my first time entering one. I’m so grateful to find out about this product lately because I recently went from healthy, shiny hair to broken and fried hair from a coloring treatment (Organic-I believe I posted this story on your IG).

    The products I truly believe will help me are:

    Harmonic Healing Oil-My hair is craving some healing and the organic oils in this treatment could bring my hair back to life and protect it from further damage or breakage. Especially I want to try it since it’s “still one of (your) all time favorites!”

    Sweet Spirit Leave in Conditioner: My hair is full of tangles and extremely dry. It sounds like the “magical” ingredients could help my hair be manageable again and maybe I can finally take my hair out of a bun! (I used to have long, natural curls that took no maintenance)

    The Color Radiance Conditioner: Of course I have to re-define my shampoo and conditioner routine since my hair has changed so since I’m facing coloring issue and the dryness that comes with it, I can have a healing experience from the shampoo to the finishing touches of the leave-in conditioner.

    I understand that this is basically the whole line, but just a wish list! I’m sure I’d be happy with whatever Innersense carries!

    Thank you for your consideration!
    Ardes (Beauti_fit_girl on IG)

    PS: I love writing about new products that are organic and healthy so I’d take the opportunity to write about the product and the contest!!

  13. I would love to try the finishing spray and color care shampoo! Having a hard time finding a good organic shampoo.

  14. I’m so glad I came across your instagram post today!! After following you I have recently switched over to all natural beauty products! I did a complete product overhaul but still haven’t gotten shampoo or conditioner! If I were to win the contest I’d definitely try out the Innersense Shampoo & Conditioner! I don’t specifically due my hair but I’m looking for a recommended product that my hair will love. I’m excited to find out who wins! and thanks again for ll your posts, everyday I’m learning something new!!!
    xo, Jess

  15. I am thrilled to have found your website. I am taking your advice and slowly switching over to cleaner products. Keep the posts coming!

  16. I’m looking for new great organic hair products and am very intrigued by InnerSense Organic Beauty. However, I cannot find a complete list of ingredients per product… maybe I’m overlooking? I do see on the website their ingredients and glossary tab but they do not state exactly the entire list of ingredients within each individual product. Can you help me?

  17. I have had the same problem…what is “organic” and what isn’t? How do you know the difference? So many products have organic in the name but is it? Or how much of it is organic?

    The USDA recognizes four different types of organic claims…which doesn’t make it easy to know but I did learn this.

    100% Organic – can be used to label any product that contains 100 percent organic ingredients (excluding salt and water, which are considered natural). Most raw, unprocessed farm products can be designated “100 percent organic.” The product may display the USDA Organic seal and/or the 100% organic claim.

    Organic – can be used to label any product that contains a minimum of 95 % organic ingredients (excluding salt and water). Up to 5% of the ingredients may be non-organic agricultural products. The product may display the USDA Organic seal and/or organic claim.

    Made with Organic ______ – can be used to label a product that contains at least 70% organically produced ingredients (excluding salt and water). May state “made with organic ____”. Must not include USDA organic seal anywhere, represent finished product as organic, or state “made with organic ingredients.”

    If a product contains less than 70 percent organic ingredients, the product can specify organic ingredients only on the ingredient panel. The product cannot use the word “organic” on the principal display panel or display any organic certifier seals.

    OFC Standards are about the same.

    1. Yes! The problem is, makeup and cosmetics do not fall under the same category as food under the USDA really, cosmetics is FDA and not regulated at all, hence us being in DC!

  18. Hi!! I just came across this post, so helpful! I’ve been trying to find a good organic hair care. I know this post is a couple hrs old so the coupon code doesn’t work anymore. Do you by chance have an updated one?

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