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September 21, 2019

How to Eliminate Body Odor Naturally

If we’re being honest, most natural deodorants don’t work. One of the main reasons I started this blog, and then business, was because I wasted so much money trying out different items all to have them never work. I kept wishing that someone would just tell me exactly what to buy, items that were not only clean but equally as effective, so when I share products with you guys, I hope you know how much time has gone into every tip and today’s is no exception- deodorants that actually work!

While I love all of the deodorants I carry in my store, I have found that deodorant is really personal. What works for one, someone else really dislikes and before Rustic Maka came around, it was a never-ending battle of the best deodorant because so many people had different experiences with each. Price and ingredients also come into play so if I had to share just one deodorant that worked amazing for men, women, and teens, it would be the Rustic Maka brand but, to take things to the next level, adding in the Kaia Naturals Underarm Bar will leave you over the moon with the no-stink-left results. So, to make it real simple and to keep on track, here is exactly how to get rid of any body odor, including teen’s and men’s!

Step 1- Wash your underarm with the Kaia Underarm Bar. Really work up a solid lather and apply the creamy foam to your pits, massaging it in to dissolve any built up debris or odors. Let this sit for 45 seconds while the apple cider vinegar and charcoal do their job to detox out any bacteria or unwanted smell. Rinse and pat dry once done with the shower.

Step 2- Once your skin is fully dry, apply just a tiny tap of your Rustic Maka deodorant of choice. Kyle’s fave is the Mystic Garden, a cooling and soothing CBD formula with a nice unisex scent, and mine is the more girly, perfume-like Prim Botanicals Mademoiselle Swell scent! This line is very rich and concentrated so people often over apply. For those with longer underarm hair, 1-2 swipes is good. For those without underarm hair, you honestly only need 1-2 taps total, no long swipes!

And easily enough, that is it! No long detox, no waiting period, you should see results right away with this combo. I shall note- because these deodorants are made without sweat blocking aluminum, you will still sweat. I like to wear shirts with sleeves while working out to avoid any irritations the sweat and skin rubbing can cause. Sweating is healthy so this is one aspect you do have to adjust your expectations on, although, I think this deodorant does a pretty good job at keeping me as dry as a natural deodorant can.

Have you tried this duo out yet? Leave a comment and let me know! If not, try it and come back and share!

4 thoughts on “How to Eliminate Body Odor Naturally”

  1. I absolute LOVE the Prim Botanicals deodorant. I’ve tried tons of different deodorants and this one actually works without irritating. Add in the underarm bar, and it takes a good 24 hours before I start to smell anything. That’s pretty amazing for natural products!❤️

  2. I haven’t tried the underarm bar yet but I love Rustic Maka. I had tried several natural deodorants and while some did work, they were causing me to break out. I love the baking soda free deodorants from RM.

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