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April 12, 2018

How To Apply a Matte Foundation

Lately, I have been really trying to mix my routine up for you all, just to show you how some of the other products in my store perform in case my faves are not your faves. Today, I wanted to do a tutorial on how to use the Nu Evolution foundation, as it is perfect for those with more oily skin that enjoy a more matte finish! While this does have a very matte finish, even people with normal to dry skin can enjoy it by simply adjusting what they prep their skin with beforehand. I personally have normal to dry skin so here is how I applied the Nu Evolution foundation below! 

I used all Luxie Beauty brushes today so make sure to check them out in my store!

How To Apply a Matte Foundation-

  1. Prep with an Exfoliating Mask- Matte foundation means dry skin flakes may be more noticeable which is why I started out my day with the Kypris Deep Forest Mask. This mask is heaven sent for days I want super smooth, flake-free skin. I try to use this mask 2-3 times a week to ensure a baby soft complexion, free of dead skin build-up that can leave makeup looking muddy.
  2. Apply a Balanced Moisturizer- Not all moisturizers work great under matte foundation which is why this step is key. I personally am obsessed with using the Kypris Antioxidant Dew for hydration mixed with their Beauty Elixir III for a splash of moisture. Because the Beauty Elixir III is a face oil, I adjust my ratio to be predominantly serum. Mix- 4 drops of the AD + 2 drops of BEIII.
  3. Conceal- I took my Hynt Beauty concealer in Medium and concealed any blemishes before my foundation. The above moisturizer combo leaves this concealer gliding on like a dream. It literally blends in flawlessly. If you struggle with your Hynt concealer, try this above Kypris mix first. Applied concealer with my Luxie 110 brush.
  4. Foundation- Now that your skin is smoothed and prepped, we can now apply our matte Nu Evolution foundation! Today, I used my Luxie 510 foundation brush and worked in small sections using short strokes to blend in small amounts at a time. I would say 1 pump per half of your face so 2 pumps total is plenty. I am the shade 106.
  5. Contour- I still love contouring with my Vapour 135 stick foundation, it adds the perfect dew over the matte foundation. I buff that in with my Crunchi brush and then set that with the Miami Beach bronzer by Lily Lolo. I apply my bronzer with the 504 brush by Luxie.
  6. Setting Powder- With this foundation you really do not need a setting powder, unless you really like a super powdery matte finish. I personally spot set my foundation meaning I apply a small amount of my Elate Foundation Powder to the areas I feel any shine on. I use my Luxie 532 brush to tap on small amounts of the Flaxen shade. If you are my shade and want a full face of powder, Flaxen will be too warm, bump down to Pearl.

Overall, the above application is fairly simple but ensuring you have all of the tools and skin prep really can make or break the outcome of your matte foundation journey!

Color Matching-

You never want to guess what color you are online, it’s way too hard! I have a licensed Esthetician on staff to ensure you are professionally color matched, simply email us at for your custom match today! I also have samples of the Nu Evolution foundation, however, samples can only be added to open orders from my store since they are free. To get a FREE sample, simply add the request to your notes at checkout!

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