by theorganicbunny on
September 8, 2019

How I Whiten My Teeth Naturally

Have you ever researched the ingredients in your favorite teeth whitening products? If so, you will most likely find Sodium Hydroxide, a very corrosive chemical associated with major burns and sore throats often used to make household drain clearers, no wonder my throat always burned after use!
They also often contain PEGs which have a penetration enhancing effect meaning these undesirable ingredients can more easily enter the skin. PEGs can also be contaminated with other toxic chemicals like ethylene oxide, 1,4-dioxane and heavy metals like lead, nickel, and arsenic which have links to cancer convincing me I again, do not want this stuff on me, let alone in my mouth!

What I Use Instead- Because I still like to whiten my teeth from time to time, the only kit I will use is this Teeth Whitening LED Kit, formulated by a dentist and cancer surgeon that both believe in living a cleaner, more non-toxic life. Formulated with food-grade ingredients, Organic extracts, and essential oils, this kit truly whitens my teeth SO fast, without any sensitivity and after just one session.

Want to see the results for yourself? Head to my TEETH highlights here and watch my before and after, as well as a tutorial on how I use this or learn more in my store here!

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