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June 15, 2015

Glass Straws from Glass Dharma

I have posted a few times about my favorite Matcha Green Tea cashew milk latte’s, however, this post comes with an added bonus, 10% off all Glass Dharma glass straws! I ordered these glass straws about a month ago and they are for sure one of my top 10 favorite finds ever, making it super easy to eliminate plastic straws for once and for all. Before this Organic Bunny site, I had no idea that plastic straws were even bad for me, but thanks to my followers, I have now been informed of the hidden dangers in plastic and have decided to dump it for good.

Reasons I gave up Plastic Straws-

Overall, plastic is terrible for us, our health, our animals, and our environment so, one by one, the more people that refuse to use plastic the better. All of the information above was from One Green Planet.

risks of plastic

A Safer Alternative?

So, what do you use instead if you are an avid straw user like I am? Glass straws of course! These glass straws by Glass Dharma are so amazing, I love using mine every single day! Not only are these straws a much safer choice for everyone, they are also super easy to clean and come with a lifetime warranty, you can’t really beat that!

To <SHOP> Glass Dharma straws click here, entering code organicbunny at checkout for 10% off!

Matcha Green Tea Latte-

And for those of you interested in the best Matcha Green Tea Latte, here is the recipe below! Simply pour all ingredients into a blender, blend, serve over ice & enjoy!

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