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February 21, 2018

Fitglow Beauty Lip Colour Creams

Looking for more than just pigment when it comes to your lipstick? If so, the recently reformulated Lip Colour Cream by FITGLOW Beauty is a perfect choice as it is a 3-in 1-lip treatment that also packs a pigmented punch! Designed to nourish, replenish and condition the lips, these contain Vegan collagen to keep the lips plump, full and firm, while peptides then boost collagen production! Besides keeping the lips protected against premature aging, these also contain Organic Pomegranate Sterols that increase hydration and help keep the moisture in your lips locked in! 

Being 34, these lipsticks are so perfect as I really want to do all I can to keep my lips from withering away with age. As we age, we start to lose collagen which can result in thinner more deflated look lips which is why protecting my lips now is an important preventative measure I make a conscious effort to make. Plus, on top of all of the above, these then provide such gorgeous colors to the lips, all without using harsh dyes or cheap fillers!

Best For- Those that enjoy skin care and anti-aging benefits in their cleaner lipsticks!

Feels Like- The smoothest, creamiest, lightweight lipstick of your dreams. These feel like a silky lip balm.

Color Payoff- Buildable but bold and rich color.

Color Lasts- 2-3 hours before needing to reapply.

Color Descriptions-


Want to learn more about these lip treatments and lipsticks in one? Head to the Organic Bunny store here.

3 thoughts on “Fitglow Beauty Lip Colour Creams”

  1. Is your lipstick soy free? I had Breast CA that is 100% hormone driven and I must not eat any Soy. I am very, very sad to find out that the majority of makeup has soy or Tocopherol which is soy in them. What about your products???


  2. I am soooo interested in trying this, but I’m very hesitant…I’m not sure what the ingredient could be, but most drug store lipsticks I’ve tried (seven years ago) would ALWAYS make my lips break out in painful blisters. Do any of these have harsh chemicals, or anything completely out of the ordinary that I should maybe stay away from? I would love to start wearing lipstick again, I’ve just been too scared to try!

  3. Thank you so much for taking time to display the colors on your lovely arm! FitGlow’s illustrations of the colors are awful. But, thanks to your photo, I see 3 or 4 that look great for me. Now I just need to choose. 😉

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