Dermstore Studios Quick Springtime Look

Last month, I got the super cool chance to film some new tutorials for you all over at the Dermstore Studios! If you’re not familiar with Dermstore yet, they’re a major online retailer that carries both conventional & non-toxic beauty products. They were in need of a green beauty blogger to film some content and I was happy to do the job! We did a few tutorials, one on my favorite products for Spring, and another featuring my faves from One Love Organics. The OLO one is not out yet, but my under 15 min. Spring look is, check it out!

To shop any of the items here, head to their blog on this here ➳

1 thought on “Dermstore Studios Quick Springtime Look

  1. Hi I saw that you used a powder that had a matte finish, what powder would you recommend for a non matte finish? I am thinking of buying the Atmosphere Luminous Foundation Stick in 123 and want a light powder to go over it but i’m not sure which brands have non matte finishes?

    Also have you tried the Atmosphere Luminous Foundation Stick? If you have how would you compare it to the Jane Irendale Foundation that you use in the video?

    Thank You!! 🙂

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