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Did you know that toxins even exist in our laundry detergent and dryer sheets!? Yes, chemicals really are everywhere and it’s time I dump these too! Before starting this blog, I really was oblivious to the dangers surrounding us each day in products like this. Like most people, I was taught to go to the store and pick out the best smelling laundry detergent without ever really questioning what was inside. Most laundry detergents make it extra hard to even see what’s in them because the truth is pretty bad. Once you do find the list of ingredients, you will find carcinogens, formaldehyde releasing agents, more carcinogens, chemicals that put you at risk for reproductive issues, allergic reactions, hormone disruptions, lung damage and more… all in our laundry soap. To check out a good chart on the chemicals in detergents to avoid, along with their risks, click here.

Now that you know how filthy conventional detergents are, I want to share an amazing, high-performance alternative instead, meet Buckaroo Organics! Like most products, I found these guys online and knew that I had to try their items out as soon as possible. Not only did they make an Organic Laundry Soap, they also made All-Natural Wool Dryer Balls, Bath Bombs, Odor Eliminators, Body Butters, and Baby Products! Super score! Naturally, I ordered a few of their goodies out and put them to the test, here’s a bit more about the items I tried!

Soapberry Suds Organic Laundry Detergent

Instead of using a synthetic surfactant or soaping agent, this laundry detergent contains 100% USDA Certified Organic Soapberries, also known as soapnuts! So cool! The soapberry not only cleans clothing, they also have a natural fabric softening capability. The Saponin contained in the husk of this natural berry is the active ingredient for wranglin’ tough dirt and hard to treat stains all while being gentle enough on delicate fabrics. The ingredients in this wash are Organic, natural and safe for your entire family and the environment, making it one of my all time favorite finds to date! This product is hypoallergenic making it perfect for those with sensitive skin, kiss your skin irritations goodbye for once and for all.  This wash is not going to perform like your traditional soap as soapberries are low sudsing by nature, but have no fear, these potent nuts are getting to work and leave my laundry just as clean, every single time!

Wool Dryer Balls

So long synthetically fragranced dryer sheets, say hellooo to these 100% New Zealand Wool dryer balls, an entirely natural way to soften clothing and to fight back against static! These balls are freaking so amazing as they truly do reduce static and without any nasties! These balls are perfect for anyone with sensitive skin, including Wool sensitivities! You can also add 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oils to these for a great, all natural fresh scent! These balls last for 1,000 loads and are a must have for every green home. Retail $19.95 for 3

Buckaroo Organics

Stank Whip Odor Eliminator

For just about any stinky, smelly things you come across, this Stank Whip Odor Eliminator will be a life saver! Great for diaper bags, pets, bathrooms, sports bags and more, this toxin-free odor eliminator works wonders with just a few spritzes! Made with just Water, Sodium Bicarbonate, and Essential Oils, this is one of the safest ways to fight back against the odors you encounter each day! Retail $7.95

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10 thoughts on “Buckaroo Organic Laundry Products

  1. Love this post! I’ve been using a natural detergent for a few years but I’m definitely going to check out Soapberry Suds.

    Eve | closetosimple@gmail.com

  2. I have been searching for this for a while. I would love to try it out.
    Is it in powder or liquid form?
    If it is powder, does it leave the washing with the brown powder residue or does it clean up well ?

    1. It’s a powder and nope, no residue it’s white!

  3. I keep hearing such good things about the dryer balls. I need to try them ASAP!

  4. They say on their page to reach out to them for ingredients. Did they allow you to confirm it’s completely non toxic? Right now I use one at my local Costco that is completely toxin free but always on the lookout for new things to try. Thank you! ☺

    1. The ingredients were on their website, strange! I will ask why they removed them but yes they were all non-toxic when I wrote this!

  5. What are your favorite essential oils for laundry? I only use lavender but want to switch it up. I do want to use these dryer balls! Thank you for the article!

    1. I love lavender & vanilla!!!

  6. I’ve been searching for a new natural, toxic free detergent which lead me to this old post. My husband and I work out a LOT and since we made the switch to toxic free a couple of years ago I just cannot seem to get the stink out of our workout gear. Since this post is now pretty dated I wanted to ask… are products listed above are still your toxic free favorites?

  7. Hi, this post is pretty dated. Would you have other recommendations for laundry?

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