Bronzed for Summer

I am not sure what came over me yesterday but I actually felt inspired to play with makeup! The hard part of creating a business you manage almost entirely alone is, there comes a point where you lose focus of what started the business in the first place, which in my case was, finding cleaner makeup swaps and instead, getting caught up in ensuring the business runs smoothly. My goal for 2018 was to get back into content but starting the dog rescue has slightly delayed that. I am hoping that I can start to hire more people soon here so I can get back to doing more of what I love- content!

Anyway, I have really been wanting to use these Nu Evolution shadows forever now, especially the one I ended up wearing because it’s the prettiest color ever for anyone with brown/hazel eyes! This color really made my eyes pop, so if you have similar eyes or tones, give it a try! The Nu Evolution eyeshadows, for me, are the closest and cleanest swaps to MAC shadows I have found. They are loosely pressed which means you will get a TON of pigment payoff. If you are a shadow lover, you will most definitely want to stock up on a few of their shades.

To see exactly how I created this look, head to my Insta-Stories MAKEUP section and enjoy!

Makeup Details-

Makeup Brushes-

I use the LUXIE Beauty brushes, both the Face Essentials Kit and Essential Eye Brush Set.

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  1. Beautiful! I have the kabuki style luxie brushes but they do not blend makeup well on my face. I love their eyeshadow brushes!

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