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I don’t know about you but right now, I am all about anything natural that I can be taking to keep myself as healthy as can be, and recently, I have been reading and learning more about Dandelion Root and how powerful it really is! According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dandelion is known to remove the heat from the liver to help both lungs and the stomach and it is also known for boosting moods and for supporting your gastrointestinal & digestive health.

At the same time, I have also been on a low Histamine diet so I am supposed to avoid coffee & tea which sucks because, well, I want it! One option that was suggested to me to try instead was brewed Cacao. At first, I thought to myself… where would I even find that? And then, I realized I sell one heheh.

So, not only do I now have a caffeine-free, lower-histamine morning drink option, this also contains Dandelion Root making this one special blend I just had to share. This Fake Coffee blend brews like an herbaceous, chocolaty tea dream come true, and the energizing combination of cacao and dandelion root give me just the kick I need.

Check out these awesome ingredients: Organic Cacao, Organic Roasted Chicory, Organic Dandelion Root, Organic Sweet Cinnamon.

As someone who typically avoids tea in bags, I was happy to find this brand as their bags are designed extra big to give the tea room to fully expand and breathe while it steeps, then made from a biodegradable woven mesh called Soilon. Soilon is derived from corn starch and can be composted completely. Soilon is a safe, non-toxic, environment-friendly material — perfect for filtering tea and herbal infusions.

Of course, this brand is USDA Organic and they have a ton of amazing caffeine-free herbal options with different benefits but if you want something with caffeine, they have those options too, check out the full Big Heart Teas collection here.

All Big Heart Teas-

  • Are 100% Organic made with herbs, flowers, spices & teas.
  • Free of flavors, colorings & sweeteners.
  • Meet California’s Prop 65 testing for heavy metals.
  • Made with whole ingredients so they are extra flavorful!
  • Are from field to factory as they work directly with local, small farmers.
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