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May 1, 2019

Best Organic Skin Care for Men

Let’s face it, deep down most men really want healthy and happy skin too but for some strange reason, they have been conditioned to think that proper skincare is for females only which could not be further from the truth! Men can use and enjoy skin care too and Kyle here is proof if he can convert, so can your man! They might need a little extra hand-holding but ladies if you want to get your man started on a new, clean and green routine that he will actually use and love, check out some of Kyle’s current faves here below! And yes, faves meaning he willingly enjoys using them on his own, without me making him 😅

Men’s Facial Care-

Cleansing- This delicate, pH balanced Complete Moisture Cleanser from Josh Rosebrook delivers potent herbal actives, rich plant oils, and a light lather to clear unwanted dirt, bacteria, and imbalanced oil for a moisturizing, gentle cleanse. This is great for all skin types and Kyle uses this twice a day AM and PM. Kyle wanted to add that he likes this cleanser because it is very gentle and does not leave his face dry like many other cleansers can and he likes that this is so “mellow”🤣 I carry two sizes a travel size and full size. If your man or teen prefers a bar soap method, the Osmia Black Clay is an amazing option as well, especially for those that are acne-prone.

Toning- Once you cleanse with the above cleanser, they can then follow up with this multi-action Hydrating Accelerator toning mist also from Josh Rosebrook as it is a hydrator, toner, and a light moisturizer all in one. Organic vitamin-infused aloe water and fatty acids lower skin surface tension to effectively penetrate the stratum corneum and enhance the delivery of hydration, antioxidants, and nutrients into the skin which is essential for them having a full and complete skincare routine. Kyle loves this toner because it has a super fine mist and does not leave him feeling “too wet”. I carry three sizes of this toner you can view here.

Moisturizing in AM- This dual-action Nutrient Day Cream also from Josh Rosebrook performs as a regenerating moisturizer and natural, broad-spectrum SPF all in one! Formulated with a potent combination of distinct herbal actives and plant oils to repair, moisturize and protect the skin this SPF feels so good on the skin and with SPF protection? Win-win! Your man will love this lotion as it is not greasy and applies totally clear just like a true everyday lotion. If your man wants an SPF Free daily lotion, Kyle’s fave is the Osmia Purely Simple.

Moisturizing in PM- The Vital Balm Cream by Josh Rosebrook is a uniquely effective, powerful moisturizer that combines the barrier benefits of a natural balm with the absorption and luxury finish of a cream and your man will love it! This multi-benefit moisturizer smells like a dream, is so whipped and fluffy and supports true skin health and beauty by facilitating maximum cellular hydration and repair! Kyle is a fan of this cream because it stays on his skin all night long and smells really good. I have two sizes of this available, the above full-size or a mini version here.

Exfoliating- Men need to exfoliate too so let’s remind them not to forget to remove all of that sweat, dead skin and debris 2-3 times a week! Kyle’s current favorite method of exfoliation is the Josh Rosebrook Active Enzyme Exfoliator as it works to clear, soften, and renew the skin. Potent fruit, honey, and herbal enzymes and acids gently slough away dead skin cells while finely ground, round walnut shells mechanically reveal new skin and help stimulate collagen production which will reveal your man’s best skin yet and as a bonus, you will love it too! Kyle calls this the “perfect amount of grit” lolz, he means exfoliant, not too harsh, not too gentle, the perfect way to remove dead skin.

Shaving- I have yet to find the perfect shaving cream swap for Kyle but he does actually use and love my Innersense Conditioner. Cool tip if you already have it but another fave is the Oh So Soap by Osmia, perfect for a smooth shave, even for those with sensitive skin as it’s made from mostly olive oil and mango butter! This soap has a low lather, and is very moisturizing, with organic buttermilk powder to soften the skin after shaving. No essential oils or color added, so it is safe for use with eczema, psoriasis, and very dry skin. It’s also perfect for new moms and babies so it’s something the whole family can use and enjoy ✨

Razors- Need a legit razor but that also is free of those toxic lotion strips? Both mine and Kyle’s favorite new brand is called Leaf, Kyle calls it the best shave of his life! Kyle has to shave daily for work and he was super impressed with this line so I had to add it to the store. Unlike most safety razors, this one actually adjusts to your body or face, reducing cuts all while still providing the closest shave of your life. I notice I can go much longer between shaves too! Winning product for all.

Spot Treatment- Does your man breakout and need a product to help soothe irritations? If so, check out the Osmia Spotless Blemish Oil for him! Unlike conventional acne treatments, this potent product will not strip the skin of its natural oils and more importantly, will not leave your skin flaking off or dry. With a fresh, citrusy scent, this product truly works wonders on not only zapping blemishes away but preventing new breakouts as well. Great for anyone experiencing breakouts, teens included!

Men’s Shower Items-

Body Wash- If your man wants a simple but effective everyday body wash, Kyle’s top pick is the Aleavia Enzymatic Body Wash, especially because it doubles as a shampoo and is great for body acne! Hello gym bag! Designed to gently remove dirt, toxins, sweat after a workout and excess oil on the skin’s surface all while feeding the skin’s good bacteria and preserving our skin’s natural protectants, this body wash is one the whole family can use and love. It also comes in Lavender if your man likes a little scent! Want to try out a mini before you splurge? I also carry travel sizes here. For the men that actually enjoy scent, the top pick among male bunnies is the 100% Pure Shower Gels as they have a variety of nice scents!

Odor Removing Body Soap- If your man is a bar soap lover, Kyle has a few faves. For body odor, he really does use and love the Kaia Naturals Underarm Bar. Honestly, when he was only using natural deodorant, he stunk but since adding this in, it has really help purge toxins and stink. This odor fighting soap is a must-have for anyone stinky, teens included!

Body Soap- For normal body soap, Kyle’s favorite is the Osmia Vetiver Grey because it smells super manly thanks to the blend of Vetiver and fresh Virginia Cedar Wood! This soap has a light lather and cleanses deeply all without leaving the skin stripped or dry. If your man has sensitive skin, Kyle also loves the Oh So Detox soap, especially if he has congested pores from the gym as this is great for purging toxins.

Men’s Body Care-

Cologne- Formulated by Kyle himself, this alluring Ode to Blue cologne comes with bright citrus and woodsy tree notes bursting with freshness, mingling perfectly with the boldness of oakmoss and black pepper, in honor of everything true and blue, not only does Kyle love this custom cologne but I do too! This comes in a larger roller option or smaller mini sizes to test out before!

Deodorant- Kyle has tried every natural deodorant under the sun and so far, the only one to leave him stink free, truly, has been this Mystic Garden one by Rustic Maka. Formulated with anti-inflammatory CBD, this deodorant keeps him smell and irritation free! Give this a try with the above Underarm Bar and your man should be good to go! Kyle’s commentary on this is just- “I like it because it works and it doesn’t leave my armpit feeling cakey or wet!”

Dry Skin- This all-purpose Hemp Salve from Cannabliss works with full spectrum hemp oil and healing herbs, such as mulberry, goji berry, and ginseng, to soothe and ease irritated skin all while easing muscle and joint aches. Kyle loves using this on his dry, cracked hands and heels and says whenever his hands are cracked or dry, this significantly heals and restores the skin like “wood putty in cracks”. 😹

Lip Care- Now this might seem like a stretch but if your man has cracked or dry lips, he will be obsessed (Kyle told me to bold that word) with the Night Serum by Fitglow. Kyle avoided trying this for as long as he could but once it hit his lips, he was forever a fan and now will never leave home without it. Kyle’s advice is- try it for 2 nights. The first night you’re not going to like that your wife asked you to try this “feminine product” but the second night, you’re going to be like damn, I really like this and you will not go to bed without it ever again. Designed to be worn overnight as a treatment mask for the lips, this softens, hydrates and transforms lips at night with proven plant extracts and vitamins! If you can convince your man to try it, trust us, he will be in love! For a great, everyday lip balm, Kyle’s top pick is the Osmia Lip Doctor.

Sore Muscles- For anyone that experiences sore muscles and in need of a cleaner version of products like petroleum-based Tiger Balm, this Muscle Balm by Good Medicine is beyond magical! Designed to relieve chest congestion, muscle tension, headaches, sinus congestion, foot pain, and even nausea, this product smells amazing and minimizes pain from just about anywhere.

Toothpaste- Men can be pretty picky about their toothpaste but thankfully, I have found one that Kyle really loves by Davids! With a regular option and a new charcoal option, this brand is super minty fresh, a top pick among men of all sorts. Kyle likes that it doesn’t stain the sink lol, typical man. He also feels like he’s not brushing his teeth with a chalky charcoal all while helping to gently whiten the teeth over time.

Men’s Hair Care-

Shampoo- When it comes to hair care, Kyle isn’t too picky and honestly, he will use whatever I have in the shower so for some time we were both using Innersense until I finally found a more minty shampoo for him that he’s really enjoying. The 100% Pure Seaweed & Mint Shampoo has that really fresh, minty, tea tree-like scent that men seem to really love. If your man wants a similar swap, this is a great one to try!

Another option is the Aleavia Body Wash I listed above as it also doubles as a shampoo and body wash, perfect for men that like that all-in-one type of product. Just toss it in your gym bag and go!

Styling Cream- For men that want more of a texturizing styling cream, Kyle’s #1 pick is this Styling Cream by Josh Rosebrook. If men want something more flexible and lightweight, his favorite is the Inner Peace texturizer or the Jordan Seban Le Baume for a more silky hold when his hair is longer. For men that love gel, his top pick is the Innersense I Create Hold. For men that still have their hair, his old favorite hairspray was the Josh Rosebrook hairspray!

And there you have it! A manly man’s current green and clean faves! I hope this list helps you clean up your man’s routine too and as we discover more faves, we will continue to update this list here! In closing, a little advice from Kyle? “You’ll be skeptical at first but if you give it an honest try, you will enjoy it… trust your wife.” 😚

Have some OB faves your man loves that I missed? Leave them in the comments below!


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  1. My husband has taken over my Fitglow Detox gel cleanser and the Age Clear lotion, he is also really impressed with the Kaia underarm bar and Agent Nateur Holi man (I bought this for myself but it didn’t end up working for me) I am planning on ordering some Josh Rosebrook products for his hair. Thanks to you and Kyle it doesn’t have to be so much of a trial and error process for going clean with men’s products

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