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April 25, 2019

Absorb Skincare Review

Last December, I featured an amazing new skincare brand in my Organic Bunny Box called Absorb Skincare and because so many of you really enjoyed it, I wanted to share a more in-depth review about the other amazing items they carry! Created by Kelly Gray, a plant-loving, Licensed Esthetician, Absorb was born in hopes to celebrate all of the healing powers our precious plants can carry. Infused with Wild Crafted and Organic plant essential oils, unrefined plant butters and oils, this line is not only super luxurious and high end but truly effective, bunnies are loving what it has done for their skin, truly. So, let’s check out some of my personal faves!

The Balm-

This magical and moisturizing balm is made for those with skin seriously in need of some TLC. The key ingredients in this product are Tamanu Oil and Black Cumin which works wonders to heal irritated or dry skin. I personally love this balm as it melts effortlessly into the skin and really does feel so restorative! When my skin is super dry, I love taking this balm and mixing a little bit of the Face Oil below with it to make a restorative overnight treatment mask! Wondering what else this balm does? Check it out below.

The Face Oil-

In need of a new everyday facial oil that will moisturize and leave you with a fresh new glow and then some!? This Face Oil is packed full of star ingredients like Prickly Pear, Raspberry Seed Oil, and Pomegranate which makes it amazing for everyday use, especially alongside Ghu Sha! Check out what their benefits are below!

The Mist-

Perfect for setting makeup or just an afternoon skin pick me up, this Mist smells like a fresh bundle of roses all while hydrating the skin to perfection! As soon as I am done cleansing my skin, I love spritzing this on as the Rose Geranium really is a must-have for my dry or dehydrated skin. I love cleansing, toning with this mist and then following up with the above Face Oil for the perfect hydrating and moisturizing skin care routine.

Body Oil-

Ultra absorbent, this body oil smells like a dream and moisturizes my skin so efficiently! As soon as I hop out of the shower, the first thing I reach for, while my skin is still moist, is body oil. Lately, this has been my go-to grab because of all of the below benefits!

Overall, this is a really clean and well-sourced brand that I really am happy to promote as it marks off all of my personal needs from a quality skin care line. Effective, clean, chic, quality and effective? What more could one need!?

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