Iced Matcha Green Tea Macadamia Nut Milk Latte

Move over almond lattes, there is a new nut milk in town and get excited because it’s both delicious and packed full of beneficial fatty acids to keep you both satisfied and healthy! I have heard of using Macadamia Nut milk before but it wasn’t until Jena from Agent Nateur did a story on macadamia nuts being less inflammatory than almonds on the body that I decided to really give it a try. Besides being a great option for anyone with peanut, soy, or almond allergies, Macadamia nuts have lower Omega-6 fats which means you are getting a higher-quality source of fat than other nuts, all with a much lower risk of inflammation. Oh, and! You do not have to rinse or strain these which is a major win for us lazies.

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Psychic Readings with Hudson, Parker & Hamilton

Oh my goodness. I just got off of the phone with an animal communicator and pet psychic less than an hour ago and it went so amazing that I just had to run to the blog here and type it all up for you all to read! Like most people, I was a bit unsure on what the call would unveil but let me tell you, our reading today from Animal Communications With Sally was beyond what I could have ever hoped for and yes, she can communicate with your pet both living or passed!

Like most pet owners, I had a ton of questions for my dogs. First and foremost, I was dying to know more about Hamilton, our rescue from China. What was his life before us? Was he abused? How did he end up on the streets? Because I wanted to know she was really connecting with Hamilton, I did not tell her anything about him other than his name and that we have had him 6 months. I also had questions for Hudson and Parker like Parker, why do you wake me up every morning with a size 13 Nike to my face? Hudson, why do you jump into the pool whenever someone else gets the ball beside you!? As you can see, I am a clingy pet mom and needed some answers.

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