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August 4, 2015

We Love Eyes Organic Eye Cleansing Review

One of the main reasons I made the switch to toxin-free beauty products and skin care was because I was sick and tired of my favorite beauty products causing me serious eye and skin irritations. My sunless tanners were causing my skin to itch so badly that I would scratch my legs until they bled and so many of my favorite face washes and makeup removers were always leaving my eyes red, irritated and itchy, I needed safer options desperately and am so happy I have found so many.

Someone who can also relate to my experience is Dr. Tanya Gill, an Optometrist from Oakland, CA. Because all Dr. Gill has been doing for the last 15 years is treating eye complications, she decided to create her very own line of eye cleansing products to ensure her patients never suffered from frustrating irritations again. Dr. Gill began to do some serious research and discovered that most products on the market contain irritating chemicals that are very toxic & harsh to the delicate tissue of the eyes which is what pushed her to create the company I am talking to you about today, We Love Eyes!

Did you know that many Optometrists, to this day, still suggest cleansing the sensitive eyelid area with Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo? While this sounds gentle to the average ear, Johnson & Johnson baby wash is anything but safe or gentle, especially for use on babies or our delicate eyes! Johnson & Johnson baby wash contains Quaternium-15, a chemical preservative known to act as a formaldehyde releaser, as well as various hormone disrupting fragrances. This product is known to cause contact dermatitis, eczema, dry skin, allergies and is a human carcinogen. J&J products should never be used, period, but especially not on sensitive eyes or babies.

We Love Eyes is changing the game by offering their clients, and now you at home, non-toxic, natural skin and eye care, with sourced ingredients of the highest standards, without ever compromising safety or efficacy. We Love Eyes has three products, all dedicated to safely cleaning the eye area. I had the chance to try a few out so I will be sharing my experience of each one with you below! Before I start my full review, let me mention some of my favorite features of this company!

We Love Eyes Products are always-

Tea Tree Makeup Remover-

Many of you ask me how I remove my makeup and this Tea Tree Makeup Remover is what I am currently using. I am obsessed with getting every last bit of makeup off my face before I sleep which is why I really love this product, it truly removes every last part of hard to remove makeup with one easy wipe. This is really great because there are no harsh or drying chemicals in this to cause any irritations or redness, instead this is made of just 3 Organic oils- Organic Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil and Tea Tree Oil, that’s it!

To Use: Wash hands. Remove contact lenses prior to use. Dispense 5 drops onto a cotton pad or Q-tip. Gently rub onto eyelids & eyelashes until makeup is removed. For best results, follow with We Love Eyes Tea Tree Eyelid & Eyelash Foaming Cleanser.

Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser-

When I am wearing heavier makeup, I like to start my removal process with this Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser. I prefer to remove as much makeup as possible and then follow up with a makeup remover if needed. I find that this cleanser alone removes all of my makeup, however, it can be used in conjunction with remover above. This eyelid & eyelash foaming cleanser is specially formulated for the eye with the essential oil of tea tree, known to be antimicrobial which helps to prevent dandruff on the eyelashes. For a squeaky clean eye area, this cleanser is a must-have item. I love how clean my eyes feel after, it really does feel so good to have every last bit of makeup off before starting my skin care routine.

To Use: Shake well before use. Wash hands. Remove contact lenses prior to use. Dispense 2 pumps onto clean fingertips. With closed eyes, gently rub onto eyelids & eyelashes about 5 times back & forth. Rinse with water. Towel dry.

We Love Eyes Organic Eye Cleansing Review

Tea Tree Cleansing Oil- 

Made with the same Organic, high-quality ingredients as the Tea Tree Makeup Remover above, this Tea Tree Cleansing Oil is designed to remove the dirt and debris that gets trapped in your eyelashes each day! This oil smells amazing thanks to the Tea Tree oil and is a great oil cleanser for those that prefer this method of cleansing. Not only is this oil very gentle on the eyes, it really does leave your lashes and lid feeling nice and clean. At first glance this product appears to be the same as the above remover, however, this cleansing oil has a higher concentration of tea tree oil so it’s better for people with dry eyes or blepharitis, all while still removing makeup.

To use: Wash hands. Remove contact lenses prior to use. Place 3 drops on a cotton swab & carefully scrub the base of the lash and waterline. Repeat nightly. For best results, follow with We Love Eyes eyelid & eyelash foaming cleanser.

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Overall, all of these products are amazing for anyone who has sensitive eyes or wears contacts but also for those just looking for safe, Organic products to ensure their eyes stay healthy and free of all bacteria, dandruff, and makeup.

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  1. I suffer with really sensitive skin, especially around the eye area so I’m glad you’ve written about this brand – I had never heard of them before!

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