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June 5, 2015

Bloom Skin Essentials Review

It really is incredible how many safer skin care options that really are out there. In the last five months, I have stumbled upon so many natural, toxic-free lines, there really is no excuse to still be using chemical infested products any longer which is beyond awesome.

About one month ago, I came across another interesting skin care line called Bloom Skin Essentials. What initially attracted me to this line was not only it’s commitment to clean beauty, but also it’s super cute, floral packaging. After speaking to the owner Misty, and learning more about her line, I knew it was one that I had to try out.

The mission of BLOOM is to create spa-quality skin care that delivers powerful, unadulterated botanical medicine to the skin. Using high-quality formulations as close to their natural, energetic state as possible allows us to achieve our goal of making women feel deeply nourished and beautiful in their skin.

In order for me to get the correct products, Misty had me take a skin test before hand to determine what items would be sent. I appreciate when companies go the extra mile with things like this because it really is important that we are using products suited for our specific needs. If you are wondering what skin type you are, you also can take this assessment here. My skin test determined that I am between Dry to Combination skin, therefore she customized my order to fit exactly that.

Before I share some of my favorites with you, I would like to highlight my favorite parts of the BLOOM line:

Now that you know how awesome this line is, here are some of my personal favorite items! Keep in mind, all products are the same, you simply select your skin type on each product page to get your very own customized product.

BLOOM Hydrate-

I love face mists, I think they are so refreshing when spritzed on your face right out of the shower! This Hydrate spray not only smells divine, but is packed full of quality botanicals that really do moisturize my dry skin quickly. Made with Aloe, Rose, Lavender, Lemon and Palmarosa, get instant hydration with this magical mist!

BLOOM Polish-

Exfoliating your face is so very important, which is why I was happy to see a face exfoliator in this line! Gentle enough to use every single day, this Polish buffs away impurities while balancing out your skin. What I loved about this product even more after learning about it, is that you can use it combined with their Glow product to create an awesome exfoliating mask! Simply mix the two products and then let this sit on your skin for up to 10 minutes to give yourself a much needed deep cleansing mask.


Like I mentioned above, this fabulous Glow face wash doubles as both a makeup removing cleanser, as well as a deep cleansing mask when added with the above Polish product. Made with one of my all time favorite ingredients, Almond Oil, you can use this wash on your full body and face for a head to toe glamorous glow.

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BLOOM Nourish-

The product BLOOM customers rave all about, this Nourish Essential Facial Serum is a vital skin care necessity. Customized for each skin type, these serums contain the essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals your skin needs to regenerate and thrive. While their rare botanical oils nourish your skin, they also deliver a dose of aromatherapy for enhanced mental function.

BLOOM Restore-

Because the under-eye area is universally delicate, BLOOM’s Restore Eye Cream is the perfect elixir for all skin types. Containing powerful botanicals known for reducing inflammation, Restore will deliver much-needed nutrients to your under eye area. This product is actually super unique to me because it’s made with Organic Ghee! Ghee is best known for its penetrating, nourishing and subtle energy-building properties.

Bloom Essentials Skin Care Review

Coupon Code-

All and all, this is a well thought out line, working hard to deliver top-notch skin care products that always have your best interest in mind. If any of the above items interest you, you can shop her entire website 10% off with code organicbunny and if you purchase an Essentials Kit ($20 cheaper than buying individual items) it ships free with code freeshipusa.

Again, be sure to take the skin type test to make sure you are buying the best products for your type!

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